Apr 14, 2019

Creating the “Paris Filter” in real life + benefits of ICE ROLLING

I went to lunch with the beautiful Naomi Davis (love Taza) one of my favorite bloggers and friends. I love when my online friends become real life besties. Her family makes me so happy. I love how she raises her kids and makes motherhood a priority. She’s as much fun as she is down to earth. Anyways, I have to tell you about our little skin/make-up chat.

We were catching up and then she asked me the best question in the entire world. LOL. She said, “Jenna! How is your skin like the “Paris Filter” in real life. You literally have no pores.” This of course was music to my ears. We had a good little laugh and then I decided I should write down exactly what I’ve been using so I could keep this “filter” look happening.

1.Step one. Purchase these 5 items.

bye bye under eye concealer \ cc cream with spf \ oil drops (this is everything) \ banana enzyme primer \ powder \ poreless filter powder 

2.Add a little CONCEALER to your fingertip. Add one drop of OIL to it. Use your fingers to rub the two together. Then apply to your problem areas. (blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation, roseacea, veins)

3.Then add a few drops of cc cream to your fingertips. I add another drop of oil. If you don’t need it apply the CC CREAM to your entire face. It also has spf in it so make sure to get it on your neck as well.Blend it in. This is my foundation. Use your favorite foundation for this step.

4.Use the BANANA BRIGHT FACE PRIMER on top. Use your fingers or a brush. I think of this as my last step before I apply my loose powder. This will help your powder stay in place and continue to cover up pores, blemishes and dark spots.

5.Pat or brush your favorite POWDER right on top. I use this LOOSE POWDER with a little color and then apply this  poreless powder on top!

This  poreless powder on top is like a filter all by itself!


First of all –  if you haven’t purchased my favorite OIL of all time, YOU MUST! This oil will not break you out. I have tried so many and I keep going back to this one. I use it to roll with and I add it into my face cc cream, concealer and foundations. It makes your skin uber hydrated and dewy. I’m always after the dewy glow. I’ll also just pat it under my eyes if needed.

I roll with this JADE ROLLER, ICE ROLLER and OIL. I leave it in my skincare fridge to get nice and cold.

-helps with swelling and inflammation

-use it under eyes to de-puff

-creates circulation and brings blood to surface (notice the glow when you finish)

-helps to shrink up pores

-the cold can actually even out your skin tone

-aids in lymph drainage which is very anti-aging while draining out the toxins that sit under your skin

-roll over your blemishes with the cold roller. this will help your skin clear up.

-helps with headaches, anxiety and will help you find peace + calm.

I roll with this JADE ROLLER and OIL. I leave it in my skincare fridge to get nice and cold.

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