Nov 18, 2018


FAUX FUR COATS are trending right now. This COAT sold out on the Anthro website and I found it HERE. The one I’m wearing above is last years version.

1.What BLACK FRIDAY DEALS are you already looking at and shopping?

I want an iROBOT so so bad! Black Friday here I come! Extra 20% off already!

These are the best SHEET SETS. I grab a set each black friday. I noticed they are already marked down to last years price.

this cordless DYSON VACUUM with a dust buster attached. I use this every day. Cordless allows easy use on my stairs and under the table/bar stools. $100 off

I collet this HOLIDAY DINNERWARE. It’s on major sale!!

I’m watching the YOGIBO bean bags. My kids want them!

Old Navy has insane deals right now. If you wait until Black Friday, everything is out of stock. Everything is 40% off and outwear is 50% off. We get outerwear and holiday pajamas for the entire family.

2.I love all your clothes but this girl is on a budget. Can you share 5 holiday looks you love under $200?

3.Can you share RUG DETAILS please? I love that rug.

Yes! I posted it on weekend deals yesterday HERE

4.What is on your list of favorite things to do in NYC during the holidays?

We always do breakfast with Santa at Rockefeller Plaza.

Rockettes Christmas Spectacular show

Walk 5th Avenue lights and holiday windows.

Take a bus tour or cab to Dyker Heights or the millions of christmas lights

Ice Skating Bryant Park and the holiday tents

5.Can you link your BLACK SUNGLASSES you wear all the time?


6.Jenna you are my skin care guru. Have you heard of this CLEANSER? It’s all over right now.

It’s so funny you bring this up! I just read about it in allure. I’ll try it if you do! The reviews are really good, how can we not.

7.I need gift ideas for my Best Friends. Under $50 please!

-heart earrings 

-the Magic Facial FACE MASK everyone is raving about. It’s called Magic Facial. (fyi – I’m currently trying out all her magic line products and I’m obsessed.)



8.Can you link to the MORNING SKIN DRINK you make in the morning one more time?

hey! yep it’s called the MORNING SKIN SUPERPOWDER. It’s full of antioxidants and vitamins that specifically help your skin. I really love it. It’s also gluten free for those asking.One packet per 8fl oz of water.Packed with Vit C and Vit E. CoQ10,Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Helps with collagen,free radicals and it’s a great antioxidant.

9.Where are your Christmas pajamas from on your insta-stories when you went to see Coco?


10.I wanted to try again and see if you’ll answer my question! Given you are an aesthetician. I’m 34 yo and have pretty good skin minus sun spots. Do you have any products you love for lightening sun spots and improving skin tone? I’ve been using Tula illuminating face serum and find it to be “ok”. It hasn’t done much for me. Do you have any favorites in that price range?

You need to use a RETINOL! This is when you will see the most change. This will promote skin cell regeneration and help shed the layers of old skin with blemishes and sun damage. Also make sure and wear a really good SUNSCREEN. During the day a VIT C product is essential for helping sun spots and anti-aging. You can also put this PIGMENT CORRECTOR on once a day. Seems to help my skin! You will end up spending more money for these products. Medical grade products are more expensive but necessary to see bigger changes.

11.Do you take good probiotics? 

Yep! I get them at my health food store and only buy the ones in refrigerated section. I wrote a post all about PROBIOTICS HERE.

12.What did you think of the FLAWLESS HAIR REMOVER? I was also curious what type of battery it used?

I’m loving it! It really works and it does exactly what it says it will. My skin feels nice and smooth and it gets all the peach fuzz off my face. It’s awesome. And the FLAWLESS HAIR REMOVER is under $20!

13.Where is your big 32 oz. mug from? How much water are you drinking these days?

I’m drinking at least 3 of these a day. This is the link to the  BUBBA 32 oz MUG

14.I saw you received all those NEST CANDLES. Do you have a favorite scent yet? Just wondering which one to order.

I love her BIRCHWOOD PINE and SUGAR COOKIE SCENT the most! Honestly they are all so good.

Happy Sunday!


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