Nov 14, 2017

Probiotics for the WIN!!

Probiotics for the WIN!!

Just like that, cold and flu season have arrived! I can’t think of anyone who enjoys being sick. One of the best things I’ve done for my overall health is start taking a daily probiotic. Unless you live on a pure sauerkraut and kombucha diet, chances are excellent that you could benefit from adding a probiotic supplement.

The modern diet (overload of sugar and processed foods and wide spread use of antibiotics) has damaged most everyone’s gut flora. An unbalanced gut can be linked to all kinds of maladies, such as digestive issues, weakened immune system, skin problems, and low energy. When your gut bacteria is out of whack, it’s easy for yeast to flourish and take over, which leads to SUGAR CRAVINGS. Such a vicious cycle. It can also lead to skin issues! I’m convinced that my MELASMA situation happened due to this gut imbalance and gluten allergy. Did you read about how BAD MY SKIN WAS because of my diet? Thank goodness I figured it out, but I panicked!!

Here’s a really general overview of probiotics and few kinds I have tried and liked.

1. Make sure the probiotic you are taking has at least 40-50 billion CFUs per serving.

2. Look for “strain diversity”.. this means you want a formula that contains more than four different strains.

3. Do some research ahead of time. If you struggle with bowel issues, look for strains such as L. acidophilus, L. casei, or L. plantaru

4. Be prepared for a bit of “die off”. As you crowd out the bad bacteria and yeast with the new strains, sometimes you will experience die off. This can manifest as stomach cramping or even cold or flu-like symptoms.

5. Make sure you rotate your probiotics. I try to switch kinds every 4-6 months. Extra points if you can get your kids to take them!

Some kinds I’ve tried and liked:

RENEW LIFE  has some great products.

FIVELAC  is another good one:

Sometimes I switch things up and do a soil-based


KIDS PROBIOTIC GUMMIES – my kids take these every single morning.

I know some of you drink kombucha and love it. Some people avoid it due to religious reasons. It’s a great way to help with gut health and overall health if you can handle the taste of it.

Let me know what other probiotic brands you use! It’s nearly time for me to switch it up again.

XX jenna

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I also wore this FREE PEOPLE JACKET on insta stories this morning. here is the link for those asking!!



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  1. Do people really not drink kombucha for religious reasons? WOW! I’m ready to start brewing my own. Standby…

    This sweatshirt is soooo cozy and cute!