Jun 20, 2019

Shapewear You Need To Know About

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A peek into my Health & Wellness as an almost 40 year old!! (how!?)

It blows my mind when I think about turning 40 next year. I’ll be honest, I’ve never taken my health and well-being more serious. It’s so important for me to be “healthy” instead of skinny. More than ever I’ve realized that how I treat my body and mind (right now in this moment) is how my life will be as I get older. I want to be healthy, confident, active and happy. Don’t we all?!

After almost half a lifetime of thinking perfection and following a rigid lifestyle is the way to go, I’ve realized it’s completely false. The greatest thing I’ve learned is to let go of any kind of rigidity in my life.  Perfection isn’t beautiful, confidence is. It’s actually so liberating and freeing to feel have this mindset. I want to be the best version of myself I can be, not a perfect version.

I’ve been working with the brand Yummie. Yummie is a clothing brand all about creating clothes and shape-wear  to help women feel confident, look good, and feel comfortable. Their line of clothing is made for all shapes and  sizes of women looking to feel confident in their own skin.

I’m completely obsessed with the Yummie 3-in-1 Cami. I’ve never put on a tank that honestly made me feel instantly secure and confident. It can be worn 3 different ways and at different compression levels. It’s a piece that can transition from “just a tank” to a layering piece in your outfit. It hugs your body and shapes it at the same time. The compression panel blew my mind and shaped me right up! It also is lined at the bottom with a special grip so the tank stays in place without rolling. I now need this in every single color possible

The Shaping Legging |  Yummie 3-in-1 Cami

Use code JENNA for 15% off any Yummie pieces! Yummie offers free shipping on orders over $40.

I’m very picky when it comes to jeans. I was shocked when I put these Skinny Jeans on and instantly fell in love. They are true to size and fit so good. I love them in white and the color I’m wearing here – 2 year fade. The pockets on the jeans were created to make your booty look fit and firm. I have to say they really do! I paired the jeans with this amazing Shaping Bodysuit. You guys know I’m a huge fan of bodysuits. Let’s just say I ordered it in black because I loved the white so much.

Skinny Jeans | Shaping Bodysuit

3 habits that I’ve made for myself

1.Being active is number one. This doesn’t mean 2 hours in the gym every day like I’ve done before. It means I get moving. I do this with my family or if my schedule allows, I pop into a fitness class for at least 30 minutes each day.

2.Number two is wearing clothes that help me look my best instead of trying to wear clothes that aren’t flattering or comfortable. I got rid of clothes that were “my skinniest size” and no longer allow myself to feel bad for not fitting into them.

3.Number three, I’m committed to being gluten free (meaning I really try my best). I have an autoimmune disease (celiac) and it’s caused me to be very sick in the past. I’ve seen how food first hand can make someone so incredibly ill. It also can have long term health effects if I don’t eat the correct foods and consciously think of how to nourish my body. We live in such an amazing time when organic foods and supplements are at our fingertips. I tap into so many resources to make sure I’m giving my body quality foods and vitamins.

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Use code JENNA for 15% off any Yummie pieces! Yummie offers free shipping on orders over $40.

I’d love to see you in your Yummie pieces. Make sure and tag me and I’ll re-post you on my instagram stories.

Cheers to being confident in our own skin and saying no to perfection. It’s all about being healthy and trying the best we can.




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