Jan 9, 2020

Products I’m Bringing With Me in 2020

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Taking care of your skin will never go out of style. You need to invest in your skin! Prevention is key when deciding on what you should incorporate into your 2020 beauty routine.

1.Botox In A Bottle

I love this serum. It’s a must for me. Not only does it help fill in fine lines and wrinkles it keeps the longevity of botox treatments. When I started using it, I noticed I could space out my botox appointments. This serum is used at night and hands down the best wrinkle plumper on the market! The peptides and hyaluronic acid will work magic on your skin. Apply this at night. Wash your face (I use LHA CLEANSER )and make sure you have clean skin. After I wash my skin I apply the botox in a bottle. I apply to all wrinkles. My forehead, crows feet, smile lines and anywhere else I see them popping up. Let sit for 30 seconds before applying your retinol (I use – RETINOL CREME)  & moisturizer (I use Triple Lipid Restore ). Use botox in a bottle everynight.

2.Vitamin C Serum

My dermatologist created this amazing Vitamin C. All of us love Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic, but it is so expensive. With this Vitamin C Serum you get the same ingredients, but half the price. It’s amazing. Use it every single morning. It helps with aging skin and keeps your skin protected during the day. Think of Vitamin C as an extra sun defense.

3.Banana Primer

I use this to mix in when I make my “foundation concoction.” One pump of this primer with one pump of foundation. Your skin will look like a real-life insta filter. I add it to everything! It helps keep makeup in place and sets your face. I love the glow it leaves. Dewy and hydrated skin is always in! This is everything! Using THIS BRUSH to apply the foundation.

4.My Collagen Powder

There is 100% proven results that if you incorporate collagen powder every day into your life it will change your skin dramatically. It provides structure for your skin. By taking collagen daily you are actually slowing down the aging process. You will experience less dryness and have a significant increase in elasticity. It’s a staple for me!

5. Isle Of Paradise Facial Tanning Water

These tanning waters are amazing. I never tan my face when I get spray tans. I only use the tanning water on my face to add a little color. I  use this at home. I add a few sprays to my bronzer brush and apply it to my face. Apply it only to where you normally apply bronzer. I add to cheekbones, forehead, and jawline. Use it where you get kissed by the sun naturally.

6.Elta Md Sunscreen

This sunscreen was specifically designed for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation and melasma. Of course it works for all skin types but it goes one step further. I don’t leave my house without it.

7.La Roche Posay Cleanser for mornings

This is gentle and creamy and uber hydrating. It’s the perfect wash to wake your skin up in the mornings and re-set your skin with powerful antioxidants after you wash. It’s also gentle enough to remove your eye makeup.

LHA CLEANSERor Glycolic Cleanser for night time

I can’t live without this cleanser. It keeps my skin blemish-free. It contains glycolic acid, which constantly helps to shed the top layer of skin. It helps big time with breakouts. Glycolic Acid also keeps sun damage away and helps with hyperpigmentation.


The most hydrating lip balm. You will love this

9.Body Blur

I use this all the time on my legs when I wear dresses or skirts. Also great for beach vacations.

10.Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

This sells out all the time. The richest and best smelling body lotion you will ever use. So good on the ankles too. Don’t forget to put it on your bum bum 🙂

11. Eye Cooling Water Balm Stick

This is the most refreshing eye balm stick out there. It de-puffs, cools, hydrates your eye area like no other! I even use it on my entire face and run through the lymph drainage moves with it. It’s amazing.

12. Uncomplicated Brush Set

This brush set is perfection and under $50. You will get everything you need out of this set.

13.Facial Hair Razors

Do your own dermaplaning at home. Keep your peach fuzz off your face and keep the top layer of your skin exfoliated.

14. Tarte Shape Tape 

The best concealer to help brighten up under your eyes. This will brighten and glow!

15.Facial Steamer 

I love this at-home facial steamer. It is amazing. My link also contains a big discount code.  Wash your face, double cleanse method while using the steamer.  (I use this LHA CLEANSER )and make sure you have clean skin.

16. Boy Brow

The best brow groomer for fluffy and shaped brows. I love this. I use it in brown.

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