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I had so many questions and comments about this process, I decided to write a little post about my experience. These are the images from my INSTAGRAM STORIES yesterday. I’m going to start sharing a blog post of  content on my stories each week. It’s almost like another blog or website of it’s own. I have new content on stories every single day! Don’t be a stranger, come and say hi! I love getting to know all of you and connecting.

I get the Brazilian Blowout because I have coarse, thick, and curly hair that tends to get frizzy in the summer. Before I found the brazilian blow out, I would spend at least 2 hours styling it after the wash. This involves blow dry time, straightening, and then curling. I was doing this THREE times a week. Not only was it a major time suck, it was damaging my hair!

I was introduced to the Brazilain Blowout (Liz at Salon O) by the girl that highlights my hair. I decided to give it a try and it was life changing! I only air dry my hair now. The last year my hair has gotten longer, healthier and overall just shinier. The brazilian blowout takes the frizz away so your ends look nice and smooth. The curls or frizz around your ears and crown of face are so smooth and controlled. I used to hate my gym hair after a big sweaty session. I would hide under hats because my hair looked like a lion’s mane. Now it stays straight!

My hair still curls with a curling iron. The Brazilian Blowout just smoothes out your hair and takes away the frizz. I was so happy last night when I washed my hair and didn’t have to blow dry it. It air-dried and then I curled it.I also love it for beach and pool days. I don’t have to worry about my hair drying like an afro puff! I also worry way less about getting it wet. When I spend 2 hours blow drying it and straightening it, I’m less likely to jump in the pool with my kids. Now it takes less than 5 minutes to do my hair when I get out of the pool. It’s so nice!

I listed the Brazilian Blowout steps below. It takes under an hour for the process. This is not recommended for prego women due to inhaling chemical during application.

Products I use that I swear by! 

I use this INVISIBLE HAIR OIL when my hair is wet. Add about a quarter size into your hair. It will help blow dry the frizz out and keep it smooth.

After I use the oil I spray this HEAT PROTECT SPRAY. (smells divine) protects hair from curling iron/flat iron

Then I use this CURLING IRON – which my stylist turned me onto. It’s amazing.

For my BANGS I use this ROUND BRUSH. Then I use a little TEXTURE SPRAY on the ends to make my bangs a little more piecey/messy looking (but this keeps them in place).


Final look at my hair after the Brazilian Blowout!

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