Mar 14, 2018

BLONDE HAIR 101 – getting the white blonde & bangs

My HAIR  has been getting lots of questions so I thought I’d put the answers in one place. I actually cut my own bangs on a whim one night after watching a you tube video. I just went for it. I needed a change and started with a little and then ended up cutting more. If you are thinking about cutting bangs, go for it! They always grow back!

I also make sure I keep the yellow or brassy/gold out of my hair. I know all of us pay a lot of money to get highlights and keep the brassy color out. Whenever I get highlights, I always use this toning BLOND UNITE SHAMPOO &UNITE CONDITIONER . 

Right when I get home from the salon I wash with it. It leaves your blonde color so bright and white! I use this 2-3x per week. When I’m not using it I use a regular shampoo and conditoner.

I see Liz at Salon O. She is amazing. I tried so many people in NYC and the color was always a little gold or super brassy.

I use this INVISIBLE HAIR OIL when my hair is wet. Add about a quarter size into your hair. It will help blow dry the frizz out and keep it smooth.

After I use the oil I spray this HEAT PROTECT SPRAY. (smells divine)

Then I use this CURLING IRON – which my stylist turned me onto. It’s amazing.

For my BANGS I use this ROUND BRUSH. Then I use a little TEXTURE SPRAY on the ends to make my bangs a little more piecey/messy looking (but this keeps them in place).



CUTTING YOUR OWN BANGS is a topic I get asked about a lot. I only cut my own bangs. I don’t trust anyone haha. I followed this tutorial on my pinterest board.

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