Jul 23, 2019

Getting that White Blonde


My HAIR  has been getting lots of questions so I thought I’d put the answers in one place.


Lyndsey the BLONDE SPECIALIST does my hair!! I count my lucky stars daily that I found her. She is the queen of blonde hair and actually any color hair. It has been extremely hard to find someone on the east coast that can match hair extensions to the bright blonde hair (not gold or brassy) I like. I’ve spent so much time and money searching for the right person. I finally found her!!! She’s amazing. She owns her high-end luxury salon with her husband Richard. They are the cutest couple in the world. It’s a luxury salon you won’t want to leave. It’s located in Southington, CT. Call to book here- 860-426-9910 or find her on instagram here:  the BLONDE SPECIALIST She also is certified in hand tied hair extensions. She was trained by the famous hair by chrissy/habit salon.  ps she also has a LED bed in her salon and I couldn’t stop talking to her about the benefits of LED therapy. The massage chairs are also a huge added bonus to the service you get at Lyndsey’s salon. Her salon is amazing and feels like a spa! The number to her salon is 860-426-9910

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I do not want to have gold or brassy colors in my hair. I like it white and bright! This will instantly set the tone to keep brassy oranges and yellows away! Lynsey uses Olaplex and her special formula to get blondes nice and bright.


I like my hair to be cut with long layers. I don’t like a lot of layers but a few around my face looks best with my bangs. I actually cut my own bangs on a whim one night after watching a you tube video. I just went for it. I needed a change and started with a little and then ended up cutting more. If you are thinking about cutting bangs, go for it! They always grow back!


I also make sure I keep the yellow or brassy/gold out of my hair at home. I know all of us (blondes) pay a lot of money to get highlights and keep the brassy color out. Whenever I get highlights, I always use PURPLE SHAMPOO once every 8 -10 days. One wash gets any warm or brassy colors out of your hair and tones it. It’s amazing.

Right when I get home from the salon I wash it. It leaves your blonde color so bright and white! I use this 2x per week. When I’m not using it I use a regular shampoo and conditoner.


The one product I can not live without (my hair would be in tangles!) – I use this INVISIBLE HAIR OIL when my hair is wet. Add about a quarter size into your hair. It will help blow dry the frizz out and keep it smooth.

After I use the oil I spray this HEAT PROTECT SPRAY. (smells divine)

DRY SHAMPOO on days I don’t wash my hair. I wash my hair every 2-3 days.

Then I use this t3 CURLING IRON – which my stylist turned me onto. It’s amazing. My curls last anywhere from 3-5 days. The first two days the curls are tighter and by the end of the week the curls loosen up. I use the curling iron daily to fix a few pieces around my hair line.

For my BANGS I use this ROUND BRUSH. Then I use a little TEXTURE SPRAY on the ends to make my bangs a little more piecey/messy looking (but this keeps them in place).

Have a great day!



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