Jan 18, 2019

Strivectin Reset 28 day facial cleanse

My big goal for all of us in 2019 is to take better care of our skin. I love keeping you up to date with my own skin care journey and the best products on the market. Last year I shared my journey about getting rid of my melamsa (hyperpigmentation) that spread all over my cheeks. Yay, it’s under control finally!! Now this year my goal is to continue nourishing my skin with the best products out there.

I jumped at the chance to try out the new Strivectin Reset 28 day facial cleanse. Skin Reset is like a juice cleanse but for your SKIN. Yes please! It is designed to get skin back on track with 4 key laser focused formulas (one for each week) that target the key factors of aging and fatigue. You will see visible results in the 4 weeks.

I want to point out when this RESET program can and should be used:

-prep for a big event

-experiencing hormonal fluctuations

-seasonal changes (hello winter dryness)

-your skin is feeling tired, fatigued, dull

-wanting to look your best with all that extra GLOW

new Strivectin Reset 28 day facial cleanse

I’ve noticed that during the winter months my skin loses a lot of hydration and looks dry. I moisturize like crazy but it just doesn’t help 100% of the dehydration happening in my skin. I committed to try this 28 day facial cleanse to see if it would really enhance my skin. I wanted glow, hydration, and more dewy skin. This is what I hoped for in this process.

I decided to wear the same outfit and take my picture in the same gym bathroom every single Monday. Here are my results!

WEEK ONE – Rebuild

(not wearing make-up, just eyelash extensions)

I started this 28 day facial cleanse with high hopes to bring in hydration. My skin felt dull and lacked moisture. This is most likely from the deep chemical peel I did in November and the winter dryness setting in. STEP 1 is a pinkish serum you apply morning and night under your moisturizer for one week. I personally loved the consistency of this and my skin reacted really well. I woke up to find it a little plumper and definitely kept more of it’s hydration. Step one is to rebuild. It’s a fresh start to elevate your skin in a positive direction.

new Strivectin Reset 28 day facial cleanse

WEEK TWO – Boost

After week one I was anxious to get to STEP 2. This step is to give your skin the extra boost it needs. Almost like a pick me up. I felt the slightest tingle with this serum. You apply it morning and night under your moisturizer. I really love the consistency of this serum.

WEEK THREE – Balance

(not wearing make-up, just eyelash extensions)

By week three I was noticing a difference in my skin. Yes, I’m hooked. My skin was hanging on to the hydration and the dewy factor was setting in. I live for the dewy look. STEP 3 is balance. This is a milky serum that goes under your am and pm moisturizer as well. It smells good and feels good!

WEEK FOUR – Restore

(not wearing make-up, just eyelash extensions, chapstick on lips)

By week 4 I woke up every morning and ran into the bathroom to see the results. I was loving the products. WEEK 4 is all about restoring your skin. The serum for week 4 is a gel serum that honestly feels like cashmere gliding all over your face. I could physically feel my skin grab it and drink it up. It’s unreal. I would bathe in this serum if I could. My favorite step of all. After putting this on morning and night for 7 days I was hooked. My skin was glowing and looked like I had just had an in-office hydrating procedure.

This 28 day RESET with Strivectin is exactly what I needed to give my skin the fresh start it needed. The seasonal changes really affect my skin. After 28 days I notice the health of my skin has improved. It feels rejuvenated and it has the glow factor.

Make sure to check out this new 28 day RESET with Strivectin. Your skin will be so glad you did! Email me for any questions. I’m always here to help.

Each week the serum is different. I’m sharing a couple examples below!

new Strivectin Reset 28 day facial cleanse

You can pick up your new Strivectin Reset 28 day facial cleanse today!



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