Aug 25, 2019

What You Need To Know About Botox

What you need to know about Botox?

I remember on my 30th birthday marching into my doctor’s office and asking for my first botox treatment. I felt super nervous and anxious! I didn’t know how taboo it was and I didn’t know if I should openly talk to my girlfriends about it. I didn’t like the new wrinkles I had popping up and wanted to fix them! Now that I’m almost 40 I get maintenance botox every 6 months on my forehead and crow’s feet. (sometimes sooner if I workout a lot, your body metabolizes it faster when you workout!) It really does take years off your face if you have it done right. I also try and maintain the best skin I can by following my skin care routine every single day. Botox is no longer looked at as a taboo treatment. It is definitely looked at as a way to prevent aging.

If you live in NY or CT go see MY DOCTOR HERE She will give you the best price for this. I started it in NYC and it was a small fortune. Dr. Robinson has found a way to make it more affordable so everyone can benefit from it.

A few thoughts from Dr. Robinson

The idea of prejuvenation instead of rejuventation is gaining major traction. This means using low doses of Botox to help prevent lines and wrinkles from forming instead of taking them away once already formed.  This can mean starting treatments as early as in the mid twenties or thirties and can result in a softened, natural look without looking overdone or “frozen”.
The great thing about using Botox in this manner is making it part of the health and wellness of your skin and using it as a means of prevention, just as we use sunscreen and topical antioxidants. The use of Botox is growing year after year and equally as importantly, the taboo is lifted!  According to a recent consumer report, 83% of consumers worldwide are willing to invest in their appearance and 62% of US consumers want to revitalize their look.
After Botox, you can have  a small of amount of temporary swelling or small bruises from the injections. Its best to treat the skin gently and continue your normal skin care regimen. After your injections, don’t forget to protect your investment with SPF ( SUNSCREEN)and topical antioxidants (VITAMIN C )to protect your skin!!! For minor bruising you can take arnica tablets.
She suggests getting started in your early 20’s! The results you will see when you are in your 50’s will be incredible. She doesn’t believe in having a frozen (non-emotion showing) face; she likes to be able to train the muscle that causes the wrinkles to relax just enough to prevent deep lines so we can all age gracefully. Everyone uses their facial muscles differently, and the places Botox (Dysport) should be used varies from person to person. A great (conservative) dermatologist can get you on the right path at a young age.
My Skincare Routine

morning regimen– 1. wake up wash face – Glycolic Renewal Cleanser This cleanser is blowing my mind. The LHA cleanser has been sold out for over a month so I switched to this one from Skin Ceuticals. The glycolic acid in it is 8% and does such a great job of re-texturizing your skin. It’s evening out tone, texture and does wonders for hyperpigmentation. You can also feel the tingle when you face. It will definitely be my new go-to cleanser.2. apply VITAMIN C (skin ceutical dupe and made by my dermatologist. I’m obsessed) – let absorb for 1 minute, 3. apply MOISTURIZER (I’m hooked on the TRIPLE LIPID. I promise it’s worth the price), 4. apply SUNSCREEN  (this one is formulated for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation or breakouts)5. EYE BALM,(best around and not near as expensive as what I was using from my doctor. It’s half the price and amazing!) in the mornings & at night I put it on 6. ANTI-AGING CONCEALER(color -medium sand)/ for under eyes and anywhere else you need coverage (conceals dark spots, bags under eyes, veins, pigment, break outs, scars)  If I was stranded on a island this is the one product I’d take. I’m lost without it. I actually feel naked when I’m not wearing it. 7. COLORSCIENCE STICK (I wear medium) doubles as my powder with SPF in it!

night regimen -1. wash face LHA CLEANSER or Glycolic Renewal Cleanser  2.RETINOL SERUM 3.RESURFACING PEEL (safe while nursing & pregnant, contains retinatural complex which is plant based)  4.Triple Lipid Restore

Hope this helps!


Jenna and Dr. Robinson

my doc – If you live in NY or CT go see MY DOCTOR HERE She will give you the best price for this. I started it in NYC and it was a small fortune. Dr. Robinson has found a way to make it more affordable so everyone can benefit from it.




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