Dec 10, 2020

Holiday Give Back with Supergoop

Thanks for sponsoring this post Supergoop! As most of you know Supergoop is one of my all time favorite sunscreens. My kids won’t use anything else. Supergoop is known for its invisible and velvety texture. It comes out clear so you don’t ever have to worry about that typical white sticky sunscreen look. My kids are so thankful for Supergoop!

Just like sunscreen gives back to us all year long by protecting our faces, we are trying to have a “holiday give back” theme this year. Finding small and little ways to give back each week to our neighbors, friends, and strangers made a positive focus come over our home. Sunday is St. Lucia day and Gwen & Chloe will dress up and deliver warm rolls. It’s named after a girl named Lucy (the girl that brings light) she would wear candles on top of her head so both of her hands could hold the food she was bringing to the poor and persecuted. Go read the story! It’s amazing and part of our Swedish roots.


I love teaming up with Supergoop and encouraging everyone to think of a few ways you can have your own “holiday give back”! Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen while you are doing it! Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you stop. The Unseen and Glowscreen are invisible, weightless, scentless and leave your skin feeling velvety! It’s the only sunscreen approved and asked for by my kids!!! It also wears beautifully under make-up.

Supergoop Hand Screen

I’m also loving the Supergoop Hand Screen which is specifically formulated for hands. It’s a real thing, and we must protect our hands as well. This also contains SPF40. Also if you like your sunscreen in powder form check out this BRUSH!

You can shop the post here

Have a great holiday and I’d love to hear your holiday giveback stories. 






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