Jul 14, 2020

Keratin Lash Lift

Hi girls! I wanted to share a few tips about growing out EYELASHES & BROWS. I decided it was time to ditch the eyelash extensions after wearing them for years. It’s funny how I switched completely and won’t put them back on. I’m kind of over the fake lashes and how heavy they make my eyes look. With that said I still wanted the look of full and long lashes. This is what I did:


1.You need a LASH SERUM to help grow out your natural lashes. Dr. Devgan is a well known Plastic in the city that developed her own medical grade lash serum. Sephora also sells it now. My lashes grew the most when I switched over to hers and applied it morning and night! Dr. Devgan’s LIP PLUMPER is loved by all the celebs and is also now at Sephora. If you want a less expensive lash serum Koray suggested GRANDELASH. He says it works the best but I still stand behind Dr. Devgan’s medical strength for the quickest growth.

2. The KERATIN LASH LIFT is amazing! The keratin treatment on lashes and brows strengthens the hair and keeps it strong while encouraging growth. The lash lift curls the lashes up so you can see your lashes and get a better look at all your gorgeous lashes.

3.I tinted my lashes black while I was at the lash salon. I don’t have to wear mascara! It’s honestly amazing! The entire process took less than 30 minutes.

4.At night I use CASTOR OIL to condition my lashes and brows while I sleep. This helps keep them healthy and shiny.

5.Groom your lashes each day. If you want to try this HEATED LASH CURLER & SEPERATOR it is amazing! You can comb through your lashes and get an extra lift if needed.

6.Getting the best LASH PRIMER and MASCARA is important! I love LashFood primer because it nourishes while priming your lashes before mascara. I’m obsessed with Too Faced mascara.

7.If you spend all this time on getting great eyelashes, make sure your brows are poppin! Brows will bring out your eyes if they are done right. I use THIS PENCIL to fill in gaps and this CLEAR BROW GEL. I also microbladed them one year ago. I need a touch up tho!!

I went to Mega Lashes in Rye. I saw Koray his instagram handle is @eyebrowdesignkoraynyc (tell them I referred you!)

When my lash extension came off I started with little nubs! They grew so much!







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