Jan 4, 2016

healthy hair GOALS

The new year has me setting a bunch of new resolutions. One of them being healthier hair. I’ve been using these 3 new products and already see a difference.  I’ve also learned that I’m waiting too long in between washing my hair. I have thick, coarse hair and can get away with 4-5 days in between a wash. It never gets greasy! However, my stylist just told me I’m actually causing damage by doing this. Every time I wait to wash my hair I’m adding more and more dry shampoo and product to it. When I then curl or flat iron my hair I end up baking the product into my hair causing it to dry out and break off. She suggests washing hair every other day. If you wear extensions you can keep them out of the wash if you don’t want to wash them every other day.

4 EASY Steps

phytodefrisant  – If you use one product, this should be it! This is the best straightening balm for curly,unruly or frizzy hair. I bought this two weeks ago and have been so in love with this product. I went back to stock up on it & send some to all the girls in my family with the same hair. Use on clean & damp hair right after shower. Use a quarter size amount and spread evenly all over your hair. I avoid my roots. Blow dry with a flat brush. You will be surprised at the texture and softness of your hair. Winner of Allure’s best hair product! You’ll thank me later. 🙂 Oh and did I mention it’s non chemical. All plant based ingredients.

caviar hair moisture masque – Use this masque in the shower 2-3x a week. This heals, nourishes and hydrates your hair. Your hair will soak up all the vitamins. It has a age control element that keeps your hair youthful.

perfect hair day, Night Cap – This is the best beauty sleep for your hair. Apply it before you go to bed and wake up with silky nourished hair. It really is a dream.

vitamins for healthy hair & nails – prevents thinning and damage to hair. Promotes strength in the hair root



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