Aug 17, 2016

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When I was in Miami for swim week I was introduced to a new line of hair extensions. They are incredible! I’ve been doing beaded row hair extensions for the last year and I’m definitely noticing some breakage. I know extensions can’t be worn forever so I’m taking the beaded rows out and letting my hair have a  break. In the meantime, I’m wearing my halo extensions whenever I want more fullness. (Did you see this on snapchat?) You can take these in and out without worrying about breakage or damage to your natural hair. I’m also so excited to have some extra free time back. There are zero appointments to keep up with when you use Halo Extensions.(talking about where to get halo extensions, here.) I’m so excited about this!!

These are also way easier than clip ins. It’s one piece and can go on in seconds. The cost is about $600 for your hair and if you take really good care of it, it will last for a year. Did you read this post on HAIR TALK for straightening frizzy/curly hair? I listed the products I use to straighten my curly hair while taking the frizz out. It’s a fail proof formula that I have mastered. I seriously have hard hair to tame and when I tell people about my unruly locks, they are surprised because I can get it so silky straight.

Now that I’m on a mission to have healthier hair I’ve been blow drying it way less. I let it dry curly and then I use this CURLSTICK with Interchangeable wands  to fix pieces that need a little more curl to them. It’s been a good break from blow drying my hair straight every single day. I definitely use a lot of product to control my curls/frizz so here we go….

Hair Collage

1.CC CREAM for HAIR – A leave-in hair product that delivers 10 benefits in one simple step, leaving your hair soft and ready to style. I use a quarter size of this if I wear my hair curly. It keeps the frizz at bay and leaves my curls polished and shiny. I use this when I’m doing the pool and beach a lot. It’s a great product to use all by itself.

2. I’ve been washing my hair with the best shampoo and conditioner. Did you know you can customize a plan specific to your hair needs? I use this shampoo to keep my hair shiny and frizz free. The conditioner is my favorite part. It smells divine and completely changes the texture of my hair. It’s incredible and makes my hair silky smooth. It’s packed with all the right nutrients to protect your hair and promote healthy hair growth. It’s made a huge difference in my dry hair.

3. KERASTASE HAIR OIL ELIXIR – I put a quarter size of this hair oil in my hair when it’s damp. It’s packed with essential oils and it continues conditioning your hair all day long. I could not do my hair without this oil! It’s also an anti-humidity control serum. I love this stuff!

4. HAIR MASK by AMIKA – Say goodbye to split ends with this weekly hair mask. You will notice the biggest change in your hair by using this once a week. It repairs and deep conditions. I leave this on for 20 minutes and sit in the steam shower. One of my favorite things to do once a week.

5. DRY SHAMPOO – This dry shampoo smells so good! Forget about washing your hair every day. Use this. It absorbs oil and impurities so your hair will look fresh and clean every day without washing.

6. LIVING PROOF, STRAIGHT  – I use this when I wear my hair straight! It will lengthen your looks and keep them straight all day. Really controlls the frizz. Did you read this post on HAIR TALK for straightening frizzy/curly hair ? 

7. INVISIBLE OIL – I switch on and off between this and #3. They both serve the same purpose. I’ve  used so many different oils and these are the top 2 on my list.

8. TEXTURE SPRAY by OUAI – I love using texture spray on my hair instead of hairspray. I like my hair to feel like it’s not super clean. Curls hold better and frizz stays controlled. This smells so good! It keeps your hair looking full all day long.

9. BUTTERCUP BLOWDRYER – The ultimate lightweight blowdryer. Perfect for traveling and for storage. I love this blow dryer!

10. CURLSTICK with Interchangeable wands – The perfect set of 3 interchangeable wands for curling your hair. You can create beachy curls, glam curls, and tighter curls (I use for my little girls). This also comes with a TWO year warranty. It’s such a great curl stick.

11. CURLSTICK – If you don’t want to change sizes with your curl stick get this one! It’s a best seller for a reason. Get beachy curls and take any frizz out of your hair.

12. INVISOBOBBLE HAIR TIE – Have you used these? You can create the best messy buns and top knots with this hair bobble.

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