May 19, 2014

hair talk

I have naturally curly hair and straighten it at least once a week. I use dry shampoo twice a week to hang on to my blow dry as long as possible.  I have learned to use products to help  get silky and smooth hair. Take a peek into my hair routine. Sometimes it can be a process but I have learned a few tricks to cut down on my hair time.

xx- Jenna

hair secrets

1. This blow dryer saves me so much time. It cut my drying time in half. It keeps my hair healthy and does not fry it. I LOVE this blow dryer!

2. This Living Proof, STRAIGHT SPRAY does exactly that – straightens hair. I put it in my hair before my blow dry and it works wonders. I love using it on humid days to keep the frizz out and my hair straight.

3. Lisa introduced me to this SULTRA curling iron. It creates the perfect beach curl while smoothing out the texture of my hair when I use.

4. I use this dry shampoo at least twice a week to help my blow dry last longer. It absorbs oils, adds a little volume and leaves your hair smelling great!

5. Rita Hazant products are amazing and new to me. I’ve been using the “blonde” root concealer when I can’t make it to the salon quick enough for highlights. The color really is great. She also makes gray concealer and brown concealer for touch ups or root coverage. It’s awesome stuff!

6. I use a quarter size of this hair oil every time I blow dry. I need a clear oil that won’t change the color of my hair over time. This leaves hair silky and smooth. It also protects it from the heat of a blow dryer.

7. This is my favorite product of all time. City Swept  creates the “lived in ” hair look. It leaves a shine, creates pieced separation.

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  1. Can you share what you do for straightening? Do you do the keratin treatment for straightening? I also have curly hair and love your hair never would have guessed it was naturally curly.

    • IHi Tarrah! I have never used a keratin treatment. I have wanted to try it. I want to see a before & after if you do it! I’ve been a little worried about the possible damage it can do to my hair. But I have had others tell me how amazing they are. I use a paddle brush and blow dryer to get it mostly dry. Then I use a round brush (especially underneath) to roll out some of the curl. Once I’m dry (I look like I have a lion’s mane) I use a flatiron. I split my hair in 3 sections. After I straighten I use the curl stick (this really smoothes out my ends) I do this once or twice at the most a week. I work with the products above to hang on to my blow dry as long as possible because it really is a process and I don’t want to damage my hair. Hope this helps!

  2. I have naturally curly highlighted hair that I straighten each time I shampoo. What do you do after a workout to restyle? When my hair gets wet (sweat) it gets frizzy and curly and I end up washing and re-straightening. This is making my hair so dry and damaged looking!

    • Hi Ashley! Good question. I hate the frizz after work outs. If underneath gets really sweaty (I mean wet) then I only wash the underneath part. I use dry shampoo after I workout to absorb the oils and sweat everywhere else. I take a round brush with my blow dryer and a few drops of the hair oil (above #6) and round brush a few areas to get rid of the frizz or curl after the workout. You need a really good quality blow dryer that won’t damage your hair. We use these tools so much that we need good ones to prevent damage. The oil will help make your hair not look so dry. Put a little on the ends after you straighten it. Hope this helps!