Feb 24, 2019

Facial Devices I use

Facial Devices I use

Red Light Therapy by LightStim – So many benefits for using red light therapy. It’s been proven that red light heals from the inside out. It rejuventaes your cells, which include your skin cells. It’s very anti-aging, healing and people with chronic pain can use this to help body tissue regenerate. I’ve found so many medical facials to include red light. It’s a game changer on the market. The red light plumps the dermis deep down which causes wrinkles to fill in and skin tone to improve. I keep it on my nightstand so I remember to use it every night. I’m a skin fanatic I know!

Toning Microcurrent Device by Nu Face – use this daily for 5-20 minutes. Tones facial muscles. Lifts, tightens and tones your skin. I’ve been working my smile lines and neck. I can se a difference. This same microcurrent is used and performed in anti-aging facials. Now we can all use it at home whenever we want! Read more about it here

The Refa Facial Tool I use was discovered on my trip to Tokyo. All of the women love this tool. It kneads and rolls your skin to help tone facial muscles while rejuvenating. It revives tired skin and wakes up your muscles. It’s also used to perform lymphatic drainage and de-puff the face. Really great if you tend to swell in your face. I love it for traveling and when I’m feeling tired.

Mini Skincare fridge in the 10 liter size. I prefer this size so I can stand up my tall bottles. You can store your sheet masks in the side pouch and stack all your fav products in here. I love having my eye gel pads cold and some of my facial tools. It’s genius! Urban Outfitters also carries it but in the smaller size. Just depends what you need.



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