Feb 14, 2021

Collagen-Hair Update

 I have been taking this liquid Collagen for 9 months now. I have been blown away by the results and have been seeing the most results in my hair. I actually took my extensions out after having them in for over 15 years. That’s how much my hair has been changing since being on liquid collagen.  I first started noticing little baby hairs growing in on my hair line. It blew me away because I didn’t even know my hairline started there. After a few months, those baby hairs got longer and longer. Like, long enough I need to do a keratin treatment on them so my natural frizzy texture can match the rest of my hair. Naturally curly hair girl problems.

Check out my progress pics below over the last 9 months.

I have been on Pure taking 2 Tablespoons a day.

The best part of my collagen journey has been you all. I have received so many DMs about your successes stories using liquid collagen. I have added some of those results below.

Again all I have been taking is Pure 2 Tablespoon a day

I have created a Facebook group with a 5 month collagen challenge. Within this group we talk more about Liquid Collagen and is a place for everyone to share their own journey with success stories.  Liquid Collagen truly is the way we can age backwards.  If you want to be part of that community join here.



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