Aug 26, 2021

Colleen Rothschild: End of Summer Savings

Colleen Rothschild is having an end of Summer Sale and I don’t want you to miss out.

You will receive $25 OFF when you purchase $100 or more.

Use Code: HOT25

The #1 product I would recommend to get and take advantage of this sale would be these Glycolic Acid Peel Pads. They have been out of stock for almost 6 months and I was so excited when I saw them back in stock.

If you are wondering why these are so popular, these Glycolic Pads target fine lines, hyperpigmentation and imperfections for brighter and produce a more even complexion. A trick I do is use one side of the pad for your face, and the other for the tops of your hands.

Another way I would recommend taking advantage of this end of summer sale would to buy this lovely combo I do in the mornings. Mandelic Acid first and then Vitamin C after.

Here is my morning Routine;

Daytime Glowy Skincare Routine
Step 1 Cleanse – cleansing balm
step 2 Micro Mineral Scrub (1/2 times a week)
step 4 – (nickel size amount apply to face and neck) Vitamin C
step 5 – Mandelic Radiance Serum (Glow Up!)

Here is why I love this Vitamin C cream so much. Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by penetrating the epidermis. Also it stimulates collagen production, leaving skin more even and bright. I have seen such a difference in my face from using this Vitamin C cream. I highly recommend this product.


Lets chat about night routine now. This retinol supreme serum is another favorite of mine. I put it on after my Glycolic Acid Peel Pads, and then once absorbed, apply a night cream like extreme recovery cream. 

Here is my Night Routine:

Evening Glowy Skincare Routine
Step 1: Cleansing Gel
Step 5: Retinol Eye Serum – life changing! good bye dark circles and diminish wrinkles
Step 6: Facial Oil No9 ( add to drops to your moisturizer for dewiest skin!)
DOn’t forget. Use Code: HOT25 and receive $25 off on purchase 100 or more.

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