Jan 7, 2018

2017 Best Beauty Buys & still trending!

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16.GOOP GLOW Morning Skin SuperPowder, I’ve been drinking this in the morning to get that extra dose of antioxidants and collagen for my skin

17.DOUBLE CLEANSE OIL – Japanese double cleanse set. $23! You had me at Japanese! I’m obsessed with learning all of their cleansing and skin care secrets. One of my favorite cleanses to learn about in 2017! I wrote a longer POST about it here.

18.SUPERGOOP – this SUNSCREEN OIL has changed my life! I wear it all over my body. It absorbs so nicely so it’s hydrating while protecting. I also keep THIS SUNSCREEN MIST by the backdoor and spray it on myself and the kids every morning before walking out.

19.SKINCEUTICALS, TRIPLE LIPID MOISTURIZER – If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know my love affair with this line. My number one product fav from 2017 is this moisturizer. I get the best deals HERE. I wrote this post and included a few of my favorite sets.

20.UNITE  BLONDING SHAMPOO– keeps my hair from turning yellow or gold. I like the bright blonde!  posted all about it HERE 

I love my Mia 2 device (and you guys!) so much,Have a great day!



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