Dec 11, 2017

links I LOVE

links I LOVE

1.What you need to know about COLLAGEN supplements. I’ve been adding a scoop every day to my smoothies & protein shakes. Plus I just read that Jennifer Anniston swears by collagen powder. She says it changes you from the inside out. Sign me up! You can read the other health benefits of collagen here.

I’ve been using this UNITE Blonda Shampoo (TONING) it keeps my blonde bright and ashy. It keeps the yellow out! I use this twice a week. I also use the UNITE Blonda Condition (TONING) right after, found it 50% off! It’s amazing the difference it makes. I noticed a big difference in these pictures I took over the weekend. It’s such great stuff! Blondies pay a lot of money not to be YELLOW! Keep it white and bright. ūüôā

WHITE CARDIGAN (wearing small) | WHITE TEE (wearing xs) | DENIM

BOOTIES need these in every color!! I love the pointed toe. (in beige fabric)

2.I have a huge crush on these LIP OILS. Nothing hydrates quite like them. I also really love the applicator. You’ll know what I mean when you try them.

3.Top STRESS ADVICE for 2017 was a good article to read! Who wants to feel stressed out, not me! Guess what was on the list? Watching a scary movie! Go read it. If you read my Q&A yesterday you know I’m a big fan of scary movies.

4.Get 20% off this COZY HOODED CARDIGAN I’m wearing below. Use JENNA20 for 20% off HERE.

5. These BOOTIES are my favorite new find. I need these in every color!! I love the pointed toe. (in beige fabric)

6.I’ve been using this SUNSCREEN so much. Remember to keep using sunscreen in the winter. It’s so important!!

7.I did a Q&A yesterday. Check it out! You can always DM or email me any questions or post ideas you might want. And how cozy is this WHITE CARDIGAN!!

8.My most asked about JEANS. I just bought another pair because I wear them so much. All sizes just re-stocked.

9.I’ve been pinning a bunch of CHRISTMAS TREATS my kids are interested in making with me. Check out my PINTEREST PAGE!

WHITE CARDIGAN (wearing small) | WHITE TEE (wearing xs) | DENIM


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