Apr 18, 2017

White Tops + 3 things on my mind…

White tops are great year round but feel even more appropriate in the spring and summer. This WHITE TOP is an all-time favorite (like I’ve worn it for 3 years now) and one you’ll for sure wear on repeat! It also comes in CHAMBRAY and this adorable CACTUS print.IMG_7349



1. Now that I’m not pregnant I’ve been able to start back on my skincare regime. Here’s a list of the products I’ve missed most:

My favorite RETINOL product! I’m starting back with .5 and will work my way up to 1.0 in a few months. I use this 3 night per week.

NuFACE. I’ve already used it 3 times since having Ozzy. Gosh, I missed it. See more HERE, HERE and HERE.

This GLAMGLOW treatment. Visibly firms and tightens my skin.

This SERUM helps with skin discoloration when I use it consistently in the morning under my MOISTURIZER. 

I discovered this HYDRATING SERUM about 3 months ago. It is safe to use while pregnant. Makes my skin baby soft. Excited to continue using it!

2.I’m looking for a new bag. Deciding between fun and functional, on trend or classic. So what are the ‘it” bags for the season?

Rattan or wicker are HUGE right now. Loving this HIGH and this LOW.

Iconic MONOGRAM bags.

Oversized HARDWARE on bags. Love both THIS and THIS. 

So many pretty FLORAL PRINT handbags right now.

3. Ozzy is 10 days old and a total dream. She does have her days and nights mixed up, stays awake each night from 11:30-4ish. I’m tired. Like tiiiirrred, but so in love with this sweet girl it’s worth the fatigue. The girls love her. Jeff is beyond smitten.

It’s been 10 days and I’ve lost 10 pounds out the 45 I gained. It’s frustrating. With the other 3 I came home from the hospital 18-20 pounds lighter each time. I can tell this is going to be a much longer process. I’ll chalk it up to age and not the Reeses PB Eggs I binge ate the week before delivery..;) ps. the pics shown here are from a year ago.

XXO lisa

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  1. Umm wow this blog is so cool ❤️ Loved this post!
    Also I’m super excited for the Nena & Co giveaway!

  2. Such a great blog! New follower here 🙂 thank you for hosting this giveaway!!

  3. Love your website and your blog! I couldn’t agree about the bag oversized and denim with cool patches! I’m really hoping I win, please pick me! I’ve been longing for the day I get my hands on my own neena bag!!

  4. Love your website and your blog! I couldn’t agree about the bag oversized and denim with cool patches! I’m really hoping I win, please pick me! I’ve been longing for the day I get my hands on my own neena bag!!

  5. I feel like my summer wardrobe consists of nothing but white tops! I wouldn’t have it any other way though, a nice white blouse makes me feel so fresh! I would LOVE to have a nena and co bag-they look like such amazing totes!

  6. I feel like Ike my summer wardrobe consists of nothing but white tops! I can never have too many! I feel so tan and clean in a nice bright blouse. Love nena and co-hoping to win!!
    Thank you!

  7. White shirts with jeans are my favorite! I fear I wear them too much but it’s such a good fit! Love your style!!

  8. Cactus print?! Yes, please! I am excited to try the skincare recommendations!

  9. I love your style! & I would love to win the bag!!!!!!! It’d be perfect to take on my weekends home from
    College and I never win anything lol

  10. I’m new to your site but I’m already in love! Great products and styles!! I look forward to following you.

  11. White Tshirt and jeans is so simple yet so chic ! You dress is up or down, love it! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  12. It’s so nice to hear you say that you didn’t come back from the hospital with all the weight gone like all those celebrities. It’s just not realistic. It took 9 months to put the weight on and it’s going to take that long for it all to come. I’m 4 months post partum and still working at it with 20 pounds down so far!

    Thanks for keeping it real and love your style!

    • we’re in this postpartum weightloss together! I’ll give myself a year to get back and if not, then I can start to really panic;)

      xxo lisa

  13. Really loving these two outfits! I need to get me some of these pieces ❤

  14. It took me a bit longer after my third birth, too… but, I found myself stronger afterward (maybe because I had to work harder for it?) Thanks for offering s giveaway! :0)

  15. You can rock every outfit. You can never go wrong with having white or black in your closet. I really like clothes that you can re-wear in different ways, so cool. So excited about the giveaway too.
    P.S. Any recommendation for acne prone skin?

  16. Love your style! So cool! I for one am so glad that there are no more special shaped Reese’s until Halloween. They are my diet’s Achilles heel.

  17. I just have to tell you that I am sooo grateful that you have been so open and honest with the weight gain during this pregnancy. I gained 45+ with both pregnancies (started around 108 lbs) even though I exercised and for the most part ate well. It was so frustrating!! I couldn’t believe how large my face got and I honestly didn’t even recognize myself. Anyways to know that someone as healthy and in shape (and adorable and fashionable, etc haha) as you gains a larger amount of weight during pregnancy really helped me accept my weight gain so thank you!!!! I guess some things are just out of our control which sucks but I’m glad I’m not the only one. Woo sorry I just had to tell you

  18. Enjoying your blog and loving your fashion. Thank you for offering a giveaway too. Nena and Co have some gorgeous bags.

  19. My little one turns 6 months in 3 days! I remember the early weeks very well! Sleep deprived but in sheer bliss! Thankfully my little man is sleeping ao much better now. I always tell myself.mamahood is one amazing journey full of challenges that are so rewarding! Some things that helped my babe with day night mix ups:
    1.) keep it loud during the day, talking, soft music, etc
    2.) dim lit naps not completely dark during the day
    3.) swaddle swaddle swaddle haha this saved me, he slept so much better! I swaddle for naps and night time
    4.) doc-a-tot co-sleeper LIFE changer right here. Ever since he’s slept beautifully, cozy and snug
    5.) White noise, serenity star! Also tells the temp for the room and plays other soothing sounds
    6.) routine! Keep things consistent early on: bath,
    book/cuddle, bed. Very dim light (I use flashlight on my iPhone) at night for diaper changes. No play, put down and let baby self soothe, unless crying and needs to nurse 🙂
    7.) most importantly keep telling yourself “this to shall pass” before you know it your little one will be sleeping great at night!



  20. Absolutely love those black pants with the white top! I’ve been meaning to try glamglow for a while now too so I’ll have to grab some. Lovin the blog!

  21. I’m way too obsessed with white shirts–they fill up half my closet! White and denim is my go to momiform! And p.s. I’m obsessed with your blog and this giveaway!

  22. LOVE your style So gorgeous! And so glad I found your blog!!!

  23. Loving your skin care favorites! I was wondering if you have ever had acne prone skin or could recommend products for people with sensitive skin.

    • I love PCA clearskin moisturizer. Buy on on Amazon, it’s cheaper. It hydrates and helps when I have hormonal breakouts. Also SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age serum at night under moisturizer.

      XXO lisa

  24. Using the retinol also started at .1 so my face is in a little bit of a shock right now. Might do it like you and make my way up. Excited about the giveaway! I just lost my baby weight and my son is 7 so don’t feel bad! Lol

  25. White shirts and jeans are my kind of uniform! LOVE them! So excited to try some of these skincare recommendations!! ( look FABULOUS! By the way!)

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