Jun 7, 2021

Weekly Q&A

White Top and White Skirt by Red Dress. Wearing XS

Black one-piece swimsuit.

THE best Gold Hoops. Don’t forget to use code JENNA20 to get 20% OFF.


Trim Liquid Collagen separate or you can buy, The Lean Body System for all the fat metabolizing products.

Pure Liquid Collagen. Life Liquid Collagen. Both contain the same the amount of collagen. Life has added super fruits so it contains sugar. (the good kind of sugar)

2 Tablespoons of Pure Liquid Collagen a day.

Read the above picture. Such good results. I love reading these. Just 2 Tablespoons of Pure Liquid Collagen

Love these results. 2 tablespoons Pure Liquid Collagen a day.

Worth the summer splurge. Balenciaga Cat Eye Sunglasses.

My new favorite product. Khiels Ferulic Brew.

If you have a question for me don’t forget to submit it on my IG stories Sunday night!



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