Apr 29, 2018



1.Hi Jenna. Can you still curl your hair after the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT? I’m wondering if you only wear it straight. 

The answer is YES! My hair still curls. The Brazilian Blowout just smoothes out your hair and takes away the frizz. I was so happy last night when I washed my hair and didn’t have to blow dry it. It air-dried and then I curled it. My hair is way healthier and it saves me so much time. I don’t have to blow dry it or flat iron it. My hair is so much healthier. I also love it for beach and pool days. I don’t have to worry about my hair drying like an afro puff! I also worry way less about getting it wet. When I spend 2 hours blow drying it and straightening it, I’m less likely to jump in the pool with my kids. Now it takes less than 5 minutes to do my hair when I get out of the pool. It’s so nice!

I love two curling irons. The BIO-IONIC TOOLS are amazing! My hair dresser uses these and now I do. I also have the NANO CURLING IRON for big curls. I have the t3 curling iron but it is expensive and it burns my fingers non-stop! Hello, why is the hand piece metal! It’s not smart on their end.  If I spend that much on a curling iron it should be perfect!

I wrote this BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT POST with more details and all the steps you will experience. click here for entire straightening post

2. I know you have posted this so many times, but what are the EYE GEL PATCHES you use and love?

Yep, I love them! You can find them HERE.

3. Jenna, awhile back you did a post on COOL SCULPTING,and I’m wondering how your results were. I’m deciding whether to do it or not. Thanks!!

Yes, I think it works! I would definitely recommend the area I did. I think it’s a great way to get the fat pockets that don’t budge with exercise and diet. It can also be a great motivator to get going and see some results quicker. I would do it again! read more here

4.Random question …What are your your thoughts on the GLO-PRO? I’m debating on getting one but only want to get it if it delivers great results.

I use it every night. I have a tray in my bathtub and I keep my GLO-PRO & my FACIAL TONING ROLLER DEVICE. (found this in Japan!) I take 5 minutes and do them both! I notice a huge difference in skin tightness and overall collagen stimulation. It’s the same way you work out other parts of your body. You have to work your facial muscles every day to keep them toned and tight. FYI – GLO PRO now has a LIP TOOL! I just ordered it.

5. Which podcast of Jocko’s are you listening to? Trying to find but I can’t.

It’s called Extreme Ownership in the app store. You’ll get all his qoutes and other things. Then click on channels & podcasts.  His book – Extreme Ownership is the book we are reading. He also has a KID book about similar principles, WAY OF THE WARRIOR KID. We ordered the books for our kids to read. My hubby D started listening to it and I saw changes he was making and wanted to do the same! It’s amazing. This guy was a Navy Seal awhile ago and helps you make best decisions and goals for your life. Making daily changes to keep yourself progressing always and taking ownership of your life! My hubby also loves the Joe Rogan podcast and Jocko has been featured on there as well. I can only handle some of Joe Rogan. wink, wink

6. What are the BLACK BOOTS you have on? Looks like you are with another blogger at lunch.



7.What dress did you wear to the John Legend Event? I need to see more of it!?

I wore this fun BLACK TEE-SHIRT DRESS. So comfortable! Comes in white too! Would be so cute with sneakers.


8. I’m heading to KENTUCKY DERBY! Can you post a few dress ideas. Something you would actually wear. Thanks!

This WHITE DRESS is incredible! It would be so pretty with a big hat with it!

SALONI DRESSES are my favorite. Wear shoulders up or down. The prints and fit are incredible. Pricey but so worth it for a big event.

FLORAL WRAP DRESS is incredible!

Obsessed with this MAXI DRESS and the print!

How gorgeous is this WHITE DRESS!!

loving this TADASHI DRESS & saw it on runway during fashion week!


9. One item you can’t live without?

Right now it seems to be these BLACK LEGGINGS. I’m in them non-stop!

10.What is your favorite BEAUTY PRODUCT?

this WATERMELON MASK is used almost every single night! I crave the hydration it gives my skin and helps me look extra dewy!


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