Mar 11, 2018


Happy Sunday! It’s been a good 48 hours. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Here are some Q&A’s for the week!



1.What Laundry Detergent & fabric softener do you use to keep your clothes looking good? For kids/family?

I use the TIDE ULTRA STAIN RELEASE when I wash my kids’ clothing. It seems to get out all stains for my kids. I personally like the GAIN FLINGS for my hubby and I. I like the smell. I get the OXICLEAN POWDER to wash whites with. It removes all dark stains and keeps whites looking crisp. You know I’m always washing a bunch of white tees! As far as fabric softener goes I use anything with anti-static. I don’t like the feeling of extra soft clothes but I hate static. I get the sheets or balls you throw in the dryer.

2.HI! Can you please share the name of the wallet you showed on stories a couple weeks ago?

Yep! It’s such a great WALLET  and I can put anything and everything in it!

3.Can you share people’s feedback about the BRAIN OCTANE OIL?How do most people use it?

I had a lot of people chime in about this brain oil. This is the jist of it…

-start small. it will make you have stomach ache if you use too much. Recommended amount is 1 teaspoon at first. Work up to 1 TB.

-add this to smoothies or coffee butter/tea

-clears brain fog

-gives a huge energy boost

-suppresses appetite

4.Hi! What swimsuits do you recommend for Spring Break? I need some good ones! Mostly family appropriate.

I did a huge SWIMSUIT round-up! Lots of family appropriate suits. Have fun!

5.How do you work and balance being a mom? Do you have help? 

It’s actually easier for me to work now than ever before. All my kids are in school, so I have from 9am-3:30 every day to get my stuff done. I have a driver helper twice a week to help drive my kids to lessons but that is it!

6.How do you get companies to send you so much stuff. I just started blogging and I don’t get anything in the mail.

Email as many PR companies as you can. Introduce yourself and leave your address. That’s the best advice I can give you for the beginning.

7.What self tanner do you use?

I use the ST.TROPEZ BRONZING MIST. It’s incredible and such a pretty color.

8.What is your current fitness routine? How do you stayed motivated?

Honestly I have been such a slacker lately! Life has gotten so busy and winter has made me a little lazy. I wrote out my new plan this past week to get me going again. I’m trying to do one hour of something every single day. I usually do my mega former machine twice a week, orange theory twice a week and then I hop on my treadmill the other days and do one hour of cardio.

I just bought these BOOTY BOOSTING amazing LEGGINGS! Love the fit of these.

9.Any updates for us on the CHEMICAL PEEL you just did for melasma? I really want to do it, but I’ll be flying to NY from South Dakota. Think I should do it?

I’m a couple weeks out from round 2! I’m still pretty red and I’m still peeling! It’s honestly the best treatment to get rid of any brown spots and even your skin tone. The only thing that seems to work on melasma. I did a BEFORE & AFTER PICTURE and wrote all about it HERE.

10.Can you tell me the name of the mini series you watched? I know you shared it a couple times but I can’t find it!

WACO. It was so good!

11.What beauty products do you like right now?

Okay do you follow BagSnob? She is my fav skin care guru to follow. I bought this CREASELESS CONCEALER based off her recommendation. It’s unreal! I’m trying to work with them because now I’m obsessed. I’m using it in light.It’s $16 too which makes me even happier!

This LIP SHEER GLOSS is incredible. Feels like cashmere on your lips. It also makes your breathe smell good.

12.What is your BEDDING? (just added this because there is a video on instagram and I’m getting Dm’s about it)




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