Feb 3, 2020

Self Care

If you haven’t joined me on the health train, maybe this post will get you going! I’m sharing a few things that help me take care of myself. I believe Self Care is so important!!
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Our bodies are in need a lot of love:
  • Do something new like Hot Yoga, I started the new year with a Boxing class and I love it!
  • Take a walk, breathe outside. Take your cute dogs with you.
  • Vitamin D – Sunshine, so good for your mind, body & soul! You can take Vitamin D drops as well. Game changer for me.
  • Facial or Massage: Enjoy a Facial or Massage without guilt, my skin/body is renewed, nourished in a soothing environment. I really enjoy Facial at Noy Skincare NYC, Glow + Tone, Jennifer Adell, Face Gym
  • Bath Time, unwind from the day with a bath filled with yummy scents and GOOP bath salts!
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Mind + Podcasts 
A few ideas & goals to help keep my mind happy and unwind.
  • Journal before Kids wake up: every day write 5 things i am grateful for, 5 goals for the day
  • Meditate for 5 mins every morning, take 5 mins to mediate clear my mind with apps like Calm or Headspace
  • Stay Active & drink water! Sweat every single day.
  • Listen to a podcast in the car. My readers kindly recommended: Crime Junkie, How I Built This, Goop, Mel Robbins, Skinny Confidential and Oprah: Super Soul
  • Set my working hours and stick to them daily. I love to put work away when my kids get home from school.
  • Daily Smile party – Write down all the things in your life you are grateful for. It will make you smile.
  • Screen curfew. I have my kids turn in all devices at 6pm. I turn off mine one hour before bedtime.
I love this blush moment from today. So comfy but so chic. Make sure to go one size up in sweatshirt if you want it to be oversized. I have on the medium. The leggings are true to size.

Leggings | Blush Sweater (size medium) | Sneakers



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