Sep 19, 2018

links I LOVE & a few things…..

links for above picture- SNOW BLANKET CARDIGAN | HIGH RISE JEANS (best you will ever have/no rips!) | GLASSES | BOOTIES 

links i LOVE – 

This STRIPED VARSITY SWEATSUIT was bought by every single girl during a fun girls night we had last week. It’s a favorite and so fun.

I had to have this LONG COZY CARDIGAN !! The main reason I love September is for this cozy piece.

The best way to make your SKIN GLOW. Try it!! I have all my girlfriends hooked.

I love going to this KID PAGE “ON OUR LIST”. Keeps me updated with the latest. My kids had to have these SLIP ONS. I don’t blame them.

OREO HOT CHOCOLATE?!!! I had to show my kids this one.

Get these CAMO JOGGERS ASAP! For under $50 they will sell out.

I made ENERGY BALLS this weekend and added an extra scoop of  vanilla protein. they turned out so yummy. Glad to have these to throw in lunches and after school snacks.

What’s going to be your fall uniform? TWO things I want to incorporate to my mom uniform this fall are these LEOPARD LOAFERS  and this TRENCH COATIt’s the best layering piece and can block all the rain, or bad weather. You will still look pulled together.

A eyebrow game changer is THIS BROW WAND. The second I use this my brows are fuller, stay in place and my eyes look awake. I’m trying to make my eyebrow game a little better. Even when you don’t wear make up. Do your brows!

I love this 19 EASY PASTA DISHES  to make for emergency dinners. My pasta game just got better. My kids say thank you. ha.

I’ve been obsessed with WATER SLEEPING MASKS. Nothing can make your skin this hydrated and it happens while you sleep. This is my favorite one so far. Not a bad price point.

Fun fact about me — I LOVE scary movies. Halloween is one of my favorite times. I get out all the old classics and watch them. Milk Duds and fresh popcorn are always invited. And I can’t stop with the HALLOWEEN DECOR.I’m going to have my own pumpkin patch if I don’t stop soon.

a few things….

*I have to wear shoes at all times. I don’t like my feet to touch the ground (even right out of the shower). I love these HOUSE SLIPPERS.

*I realized this weekend when I ran out of my red salsa from TJ’s that I have it every single day. It’s so good I can drink it up. I have chips and salsa daily as an afternoon snack. It’s my favorite thing to look forward to. (it’s on my instagram stories today) I get the corn chips fromTJ’s as well. You can have 20 chips for under 200 calories.

*I started making this OOEY GOOEY FUDGE BROWNIE recipe 15 years ago. Now my family calls them Jenna’s Famous Brownies (insert blushing emoji face). Anyways I made them yesterday and we took them to our new neighbors. I’m still staring at them this morning. Being allergic to gluten only stinks when I see treats I love. Who else can I give them to?!

*Are you looking for Halloween costumes yet? We are currently in planning mode. We do a family theme to one party and then my kids pick something else for actual Halloween.

*My most worn dress last year (I wore it on my last two trips to Paris and then every other day after that) well I’m so excited because for fall it comes in this BLUSH COLOR. And if you prefer it in MARSALA/WINE grab it in that color. Obsessed.

*What do you guys do about phones and electronics over the weekend with kids around?  I didn’t pick up my phone once and it felt so good. We organized, played, I baked,rode bikes, sat at the beach, and I dove into THIS BOOK. Even when we stumble and fall being brave enough to stand up for what is right is the ultimate goal because it’s what brings the most joy to you in your life. It’s so good for mothering,work, and relationships.

*Jaw dropped when I found this COLORFUL BLOUSE. I even dreamed about it last night. Will be a best seller.

I’ve been getting specific emails about Botox, fillers and facials. This POST – BOTOX/FILLERS and skincare advice will help answer your questions.

I did a BEFORE & AFTER picture when I did the COSMELAN FACE PEEL last year. It is still gone for those asking. It completely changed my skin. No more Melasma. To see my before and after picture –Read more here.

My I-PHONE CASE was found HERE for those wondering.

GLASSES by karen walker found this pair on realreal for 50% off / necklace by @bichari on instagram


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