Dec 5, 2019

Sleeping Better with Leesa

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We bought a new home for our family in August and finally feel settled. A new school for the kids, a new neighborhood, and new routines are a few of the changes we made last summer. Luckily everyone has enjoyed the move and everyone is adjusting perfectly!! Most of all, we love our new BEDS!!!! For the past 2 years, I knew we needed new mattresses! The Better Sleep Council says you should change your mattress every 7-10yrs, we were long overdue! Davis (my 12 year old) and I were shopping at West Elm and we discovered Leesa. Both of us tested out their pillows +mattresses and instantly thought they were so comfortable. Davis ended up bringing this PILLOW home with us that same day. He didn’t want to leave the store without it. 

We loved the price point but also wanted to do our research about other home-delivery mattresses. After reading mattress after mattress we quickly realized we had to go with

.It was seamless to order online and Leesa’s shipping services are great. Our mattresses arrived within a few days. The first mattress we bought was for Davis (our tween), we decided to get him their HYBRID MATTRESS. Davis sleeps on all sides and rolls around a bit. After reading the description and reviews we felt this was a great mattress for him plus it has a comfort layer and memory foam which relieves pressure off back, hips and shoulders. He absolutely loves his new LEESA MATTRESS. His sleep pattern is so much better and has such a great night sleep!! We also got Davis new pillows from Leesa. Their PREMIUM FOAM PILLOWS are cooling, supportive and great for all sleep positions!



After such a great review from our son, we started to look into a new mattress for our Master Bedroom.

We first got Leesa pillows because when we tested them out in West Elm they were so comfortable! We got 4 Leesa Hybrid Pillows and 4 Down Pillows for our master bedroom. Dennis prefers the Hybrid Pillow (firm) and I prefer the Down Pillow (cushy). The pillows are so dreamy with a cooling layer. I never knew how much a pillow could change your sleep! 


Dennis & were long overdue a new mattress, we were very happy when Leesa launched the latest mattress the LEESA LEGEND MATTRESS. It is the perfect balance between firmness and softness. The mattress cover is made from Hypoallergenic organic cotton and gives your body the right support while keeping you cool at night! We are really impressed. It’s very comfortable, and we got used to it very quickly. I look forward to getting in bed and always try to steal naps when I can.  The gel layer keeps you cooler which helps me sleep so well, as I don’t like to hot when I sleep or wake up hot from asleep!

Leesa has excellent customer service plus they work with 1,000+ partners locally and nationally to ensure that children & families in need have a safe place to sleep. Leesa direct to consumer mattress is a high-quality luxury mattress.

Leesa is very confident with their mattresses they offers a 100-night trial.

The month of November they released their exclusive sheet & duvet collection. They are so soft and such great quality sateen weave & 100% organic with 400-thread count sheets in white or light grey. Their Duvet cover and sham set is nice and breathable 140-thread-count comfort and an oatmeal and white striped design. We love white for our master bedroom and Davis has oatmeal!

They have an incredible offer up to $350 off a mattress + 2 free pillows.

Plus when you use my code JENNAXLEESA you get an additional 20% on top of their offer!


Hope everyone has a great day! Make sure and use my code for an additional 20% off!




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