May 22, 2019

It’s all about the eyes!

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I turned 39 years old this year. When I tell people my age they always respond, “don’t worry, 40 is the new 30.” In my mind I’m thinking, “40 isn’t the new anything, my skin is still aging!” I actually don’t mind getting older, but I do mind my skin starting to get dry and the wrinkles around my eyes that are popping up.  I’m trying to fully embrace getting older, but it is challenging when I see my face changing. More than ever, I’m looking to brands like Clinique to supply the best products with ingredients that really work. Did you know Clinique was the first dermatologist-created, prestige cosmetic brand? Clinique has been on a mission since day one to provide high quality and effective skin care products to men and women.

Clinique just launched a new concentrate specifically made for eyes! Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96 hour hydro-filler concentrate is everything I hoped it to be. It instantly floods, tightens and brightens skin. It’s also designed for all skin types, even sensitive. I’m going to talk more about how I use this as a staple in my skin care routine now. I can’t get over how much it plumps up my fine lines. This hydro filler concentrate was created for the delicate skin around the eye area to tighten and brighten your skin every single day. It locks in moisture for a full 96 hours, yes please!! It can be used alone, under makeup, or as a 3-minute eye mask.

The smell is so fresh and my skin drinks it up! In the mornings when I’m trying to wake myself up, I apply it as an eye mask to help bring back moisture to that area. After 3-5 minutes I rub in anything that is left into my eye area and skin around it. It’s perfect to help fill in fine lines before applying make-up.


Make sure you have a freshly washed face.

Pump two pumps of the eye concentrate

Massage it into the entire eye are

Apply moisturizer, sunscreen and make-up as usual

Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96 hour hydro-filler concentrate

Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96 hour hydro-filler concentrate

Let me know what you think when you apply it for the first time. You will absolutely love it. 

Have a great day!



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