1.What is your favorite thing to wear during the summer? 

I live for rompers & jumpsuits! This FLORAL ROMPER is one piece I’ve been living in this summer. I also bought this ROMPER at the GOOP store in the Hamptons a few days ago.

2.This brings me to the next questions about my little GOOP store visit last week in the Hamptons.

What did you buy at GOOP? Curious because I’m going next week and I’d love to know a few things to look for.

G.NITE Bedtime Soak – This bath soak will help you get sleepy. I believe in the power of a hot bath at night. I turn my phone off (I set a rule not to touch it after my bath). The hot bath helps me get in a relaxed mind set. I think about goals and sometimes I even chat about the day with my hubby. He always says in our next home he will have a sofa or a massage chair next to my bath. I spend a lot of time in it! I guess it’s kind of my therapy. Anyways, GOOP has a bunch of different BATH SOAKS. This one is specifically to prepare yourself for sleep. Eases tension and calms your mind. I’ve been hooked and it’s only been a couple days.

ESKER FIRMING OIL – So many yummy essential oils in this firming body oil. After my hot bath, I’ve been putting this on areas that need a lift as you age. You know…my booty, my neck, my knees. See what I mean. I can find all sorts of reasons to use this firming oil. My body and mind thank me for thee rituals I do at night. They just make me feel good & sometimes it’s the only self care or “me” moment of the entire day.

LAPIS BALANCING FACE OIL – Facial oils are hard for some people to dive right into. Especially if you have oily skin. But read more about this oil. Facial oils are actually extremely helpful for oily and dry skin. Oily skin can still be dehydrated and lack moisture. Did you know that? This is 100% natural. You’ll love how your make up looks over this. You’ll also love your fresh & dewy “make-up free” face.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT ARGAN LOTION – Who can resist this lotion? Anything with pink grapefruit wins me over. I love the tube it comes in and it’s perfect to keep in a purse for easy access. My girls keep stealing it from me already and love the way it smells. Plus I need all the help I can get. My hands are like the desert. This helps!

3.Can you share the items you are excited about for the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE?

I just made a NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY 2018 sale post here. You can see my SIX ways to get ready for the sale. I’m giddy about it!!

4. I’m a new blogger and it seems hard to make any money when I’m constantly buying clothes. Help! Any tips you can share are appreciated. Do you keep everything you buy for blog posts?

Okay, here’s the deal. There is no way you can keep everything! Your home will start looking like one of the hoarder’s episodes. My closet already kind of does! Plus, it’s such a waste of money to keep all of the clothes if you won’t be wearing them. I usually keep the items that appear on my top ten list each month. I find things that are effortless and easy to wear. Those are the pieces I end up keeping. The rest of the clothes are re-sold or taken back to the store where I purchased them. Some clothing items are gifted to me and I do a lot of gifting to friends and family. Building a blog that produces a livable income takes times! It took me two full years. Be patient with yourself! It will happen. And remember….people love deals and clothing under $100. You don’t have to wear designer pieces to be a great blogger. In fact, all the pieces that were my top ten last month are all under $100.

Another tip if you are just starting out with a limited income. Borrow! Set up meetings with clothing stores you love and ask to borrow clothes for photoshoots. Tell the stores you will feature them on your feed and blog in return for borrowing their clothes for an afternoon. Also, raid your bff’s closet!

Free People Lighthouse Crop Jumpsuit

Intimately Too Late For You Tube

Free People Color My World Floral Jumpsuit

Topshop Angel Sleeve Shift Dress

Nike Air Max 270 Sneaker, I found more HERE in the vintage wine color

Brixton ‘Joanna’ Straw Hat

Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee

STONE ROW EZ Days Satin Wrap Maxi Dress

La Blanca Twist Front Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit

The Enchanted Forest Midi Dress

5.What’s the favorite SELF TANNER LIST? I’d love to know the TOP TEN people recommended on your feed.

ST. TROPEZ (most votes) Use this TANNING MIT for application



JOSIE MARAN – self tanning oil



6.Where do you get your FAUX FIDDLE FIG TREE in your house? Loving all the green!

7.I need some new workout shoes. I run short distances like 1-3 miles and go to the gym. What’s your fave right now?

I am obsessed with these NIKE AIR MAX SNEAKS!!! Waiting to get the barely rose/vintage wine color combo. So good!! They sold out at Nordstrom so found them HERE

8.I’m about to CUT BANGS. Wondering what video you watched. I know you cut your own!

HAIR 101 and I linked the video that taught me how!

9.For those asking questions about keeping shine in your hair during summer months……


For those asking questions about keeping shine in your hair during summer months……

I use this INVISIBLE HAIR OIL when my hair is wet. Add about a quarter size into your hair. It will help blow dry the frizz out and keep it smooth.

After I use the oil I spray this HEAT PROTECT SPRAY. (smells divine)

Then I use this CURLING IRON – which my stylist turned me onto. It’s amazing.

For my BANGS I use this ROUND BRUSH. Then I use a little TEXTURE SPRAY on the ends to make my bangs a little more piecey/messy looking (but this keeps them in place)


10. What’s the one item in your closet you can’t live without?

WHITE TOPS!! Sharing a few favorites below.



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