Sep 2, 2018

Where to take the best photos in Paris?

Best Places to Photograph in Paris 

1.LA MAISON ROSE street in Montmartre

You need to visit Montmartre (no matter what!). The most photographed street in all of Paris is LA MAISON ROSE in Montmartre. The pink building is a restaurant. (not sure if it’s good because I was there at sunrise!) I got there at 6am and wondered the streets until 9am before the crowds arrived. The cobblestone streets are packed by noon. I brought my kids back and we partied in the streets all day. Music, dancing, eating and the best art vendors. Make sure and snap a picture of the artists and their easel boards. Montmartre is an area in Paris by the Sacre Couer, the only hill in Paris. The streets are filled with cobblestones and weave in and out of each other. It’s my favorite place to get lost.

Once you start walking through the streets of Montmartre you won’t ever want to leave. I love all the cobblestone and every corner bakery.

2. The Eiffel Tower (Trocadero Side)  – This is the best place for Eiffel Tower pictures. Start at the top and work your way down the stairs to get this shot. Once you get down the stairs the fountains are beautiful too! So many photo options.

(Trocadero Side) – halfway down the stairway

3. Sacr’e Couer, Montmarte – This cathedral sits on the only hill in Paris. You will find this in the Montmartre area. I’ve been to this spot twice. Once in the middle of the day. People everywhere! It’s hard to get a really good shot without having others in your photo. This last trip (waiting on my pictures still!) I came at sunrise. 6am! I have so many amazing pictures to show you. Until then, I want you to know this is a must see!

4. Notre-Dame de Paris – Every angle of Notre Dame is breath taking. Angle your photo up towards the sky and frame it with trees or the surroundings flowers to try and cut out the crowds.

5.The River Banks of the Seine River – One of my favorite things to do in Paris is walk the Seine River on the banks. You will see so much! Family gatherings, lovers drinking wine with their cheese picnic baskets, bikers with their baskets filled with flowers, artists hard at work, musicians trying to earn an extra dollar, and the best dancing in Paris happens on the banks of the river. We ate at Maison Maison and then walked the river from there. We also did a Seine River cruise at midnight to watch the Eiffel Tour light up.

Eiffel Tower and Carousel

6.The Carousel & Eiffel Tower– Day or night this spot is magical. When you visit this at night, they both light up and sparkle! During the day you can see the antique colors of this unreal carousel with a view. My kids rode it so many times. You can eat crepes while watching the view. The crepe stand is at the steps of the carousel.

7.Eiffel Tower and Avenue Silvestre De Sacy – One of my favorite shots of the Eiffel Tower with the gorgeous views of wrought-iron balconies. You can see all the detail of the regency houses on Avenue Silvestre de Sacy. This creates quite the Eiffel Tower shot. TIP: The best spot is the corner between Avenue de la Bourdonnais and Avenue Silvestre de Sacy.

8. Clock in the Musee D’orsay – One of my favorite shots in Paris is at this clock in my favorite museum. Do you recognize the building in the shot and of course the magic ferris wheel!

9. Arc de Triomphe – This is a must see.  It’s so grand and every angle is gorgeous. One thing to know…it’s crowded. Be prepared to wait a minute or two for the “perfect” shot. My hubby squatted down on the ground for this shot. I like that he was able to capture most of the arc. You can also walk further down the  Champs Elysees to capture the entire arc. You will be far enough down the road that all the people will look really small and it won’t matter in your photo.

10.Palais-Royal – Paris you pretty little thing! All over you can find the prettiest courtyards. This is amazing and it’s all over instagram right now. It’s off the main street Rue Saint – Honore’. Walk inside the courtyard for the coolest view. I love these black and white striped stumps. Endless photo ops!

11.Place Vendome – Not only is this the most incredible shopping but the views are unreal! I spent an entire day here swooning over the streets and details. You will get amazing photos here.

Paris Sweatshirt – standing outside Angelina’s Bakery. Breakfast here every morning. (Right next to our hotel)

I hope this helps you find your way around Paris! I love Paris so much and know you will too!!

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