Feb 17, 2019


Most asked ??? Who does your hair? Do you have extensions and what kind?

Lyndsey the BLONDE SPECIALIST does my hair. She is the queen of blonde hair and actually any color hair. It has been extremely hard to find someone on the east coast that can match hair extensions to the bright blonde hair (not gold or brassy) I like. I’ve spent so much time and money searching for the right person. I finally found her!!! She’s amazing. She owns her high-end luxury salon with her husband Richard. They are the cutest couple in the world. It’s a luxury salon you won’t want to leave. It’s located in Southington, CT. Call to book here- 860-426-9910 or find her on instagram here:  the BLONDE SPECIALIST She also is certified in hand tied hair extensions. She was trained by the famous hair by chrissy/habit salon.  ps she also has a LED bed in her salon and I couldn’t stop talking to her about the benefits of LED therapy. The massage chairs are also a huge added bonus to the service you get at Lyndsey’s salon. Her salon is amazing and feels like a spa!

I use this INVISIBLE HAIR OIL when my hair is wet. Add about a quarter size into your hair. It will help blow dry the frizz out and keep it smooth.

After I use the oil I spray this HEAT PROTECT SPRAY. (smells divine)

Then I use this t3 CURLING IRON – which my stylist turned me onto. It’s amazing. My curls last anywhere from 3-5 days. The first two days the curls are tighter and by the end of the week the curls loosen up. I use the curling iron daily to fix a few pieces around my hair line.

For my BANGS I use this ROUND BRUSH. Then I use a little TEXTURE SPRAY on the ends to make my bangs a little more piecey/messy looking (but this keeps them in place).


1.Example of what you eat in a typical day.

I intermittent fast. It’s a 16 to 8 hour ratio. I have my first meal at noon and then stop eating by 8pm at night. I break my fast with my biggest meal of the day. I love cobb salads. I eat  a lot of avocado toast, nuts, protein smoothies, acai bowls and a ton of veggies. I’ve been concentrating a lot on eating fiber and drinking lots of water. I carb cycle. So half the week I’m low carb and the other high carbs. I follow Faster Way to Fat LOSS. You can read more details on my eating on THIS POST.

2.Is the Louis Vuitton Purse you were wearing a few stories back real or a dupe?

I have the real Louis Vuitton. I bought it on a trip with my husband to San Fran a couple years ago. I did find a DUPE online and shared it a few days ago with those asking for it.

3.How do you avoid late night snacking?

My eating window is noon-8pm. I don’t let myself eat after 8. I’ve done this for 6 months now and it’s a habit. I used to eat so much at night and it was so bad for me. I never had energy and started gaining weight. It’s best to not eat 2 hours before falling asleep. I drink a bedtime tea and a lot of water. Or hot water with lemon is great too. I follow Faster Way to Fat LOSS.

4.What are the top trends you saw at fashion week.

feathers! puffer coats with everything!  fleece and slouchy off the shoulder looks.

5.What would you wear to a WEDDING as a guest or as a BRIDESMAID? What would you recommend for bridesmaids?

I linked a bunch, scroll right —

6.If you could recommend only two face products what would they be?


7.Best restaurant in NYC? I’m here this week.


8.What is your all time favorite at home beauty tool?


9.Love your blonde. How often do you get it touched up?

every 6 weeks I’d say I get baby highlights.

10.Do you use any medical grade skincare products? I’m 43 and need some help.

 iS  clinical products are currently my favorite. I also love skin ceuticals.

11.Your thoughts on fillers.

I wrote a post about it HERE. Less is always more in my opinion. But check out what I wrote in that post! I wrote it with the help from a dermatologist I know and love.

12.I always size up for jeans to wear with bodysuits for a smooth look. Do you?

Yes! I do too. I linked a bunch of bodysuits HERE I wear. All price points.

13.Best dermatology in CT?

MODERN DERM! In Westport

14.What jeans are you wearing with the lace top you posted on instagram?

I love the 501 LEVI’S 

15.Can you do a new link to the SHEETS you love? The last link is broken.

The best sheets ever! We can’t stop ordering them. Find them HERE for under $35.

16.Is the famous Amazon Coat good for skiing? Is it water proof?

I wouldn’t ski in it if it’s snowing or raining. It’s not water-proof but definitely water resistant.

The AMAZON COAT is here.

17.How have your LULU LEMON dupe leggings washed up? Do you still love them? 

They are perfect! I love them and have ordered a couple more. Best $25 purchase yet. #8-#9 on the lulu lemon dupe post.

18. What does your husband do for a living?

He’s a Wallstreet Investment banker. Works in finance in NYC.

19.Do you think you will have more kids?

I wrote all about this on REAL TALK. Have you heard of surrogacy? #7 on that post

20.Can you link the ruffle dress you wore during fashion week? I can’t find it anywhere.

So many questions about this dress. It’s sold out but the designer is SWF Boutique

Tularosa BLUSH Jacket 



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