Jan 6, 2019


leopard dress HERE (size 36 is what I have on)

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! My most asked questions this week. I didn’t have very much time so next week I promise I’ll share at least 20 questions. 

1.I need a DOWN COAT for winter but something affordable. And please nothing with fur. 

YES!!! I was just talking to a girlfriend about this very thing because I was telling her how much I loved her new MONCLER (it has ruffles and i about died at how cute it was).

Anyways long story short she told me after five years of THIS COAT (the most famous coat on the Upper East side she said) she finally bought the moncler. But she said THIS ONE was still her absolute favorite and owns all five colors. I bought it on my way home because LOOOOK! It looks designer and under $100. I love the beige and black. The hood and the back sold me. She also mentioned it’s by far her warmest. So there ya go! Funny how this question came up the week I had a really good find to share.

2.what bed is on your instagram stories lately? did you move? I keep waiting for a house update. 

Hi! It’s from Z Gallerie. We really love it. Big enough for the entire family sometimes. lol. We are still deciding on our new home. We technically don’t have to move out of this home until spring/summer. Leaning towards building and getting a cute little cottage down at the beach while we build. It would be a fun adventure. Unless we find something already built that we are head over heels in love with. We just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on anything yet.

3.what STEAMER do you use? 

hi. It’s nothing fancy but I love it and it’s lasted the last 2 years. You can see it HERE. The stand lengthens and shortens depending on your height. I love that feature cuz I’m short and my husband is waaaaaay taller.

4.I’m starting #FWTFL/ FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS tomorrow. Can you keep up with posting food and workouts to keep me motivated? I love how you do it on instagram stories. Thanks for being so helpful. 

Absolutely!!! My goal is to share one meal and one workout tip each day on the program. I’m excited and ready to be consistent after the holidays. For those of you that want to learn more about the LIFESTYLE EATING PLAN + WORKOUTS I do go here.

5.Can you please share the LEOPARD DRESS you have on. I can’t decide which version I like the most. 

Yes. Sorry I confused so many of you. One version was on the “it” list and the other version I actually own. I LOVE both but I can say that THIS version can be casual or dressed up. I’ve worn it with sneakers and booties and it’s just so comfy.I’m wearing the EURO size 36. It’s stretchy and forgiving.

The one I have on is HERE, HERE and HERE (linking a bunch so you can find your size!)


The LEOPARD DRESS I have on is HERE, HERE and HERE (linking a bunch so you can find your size!) //  KAREN WALKR SUNGLASSES //WHITE BOOTIESSNEAKERS 

6.How long does the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT last?

It willlast me 3-4 months. I usually do it twice a year.

7.Where is theHOODED FUZZY CARDIGAN under $28 from? I’m obsessed and wanted it the first time you posted but it sold out. WHAT SIZE?

Yes! This is my most asked question this week. I’ve tried to send DM’S to all that are asking for this  HOODED FUZZY CARDIGAN under $28  . I’m wearing size small.

The cardigan is with me all the time. My kids steal it because it makes for the softest blanket.

Happy Sunday!



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  1. What size are you in winter coat from amazon? Small?

    Just wondering if it ran large.


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