Oct 7, 2018


HAPPY SUNDAY! Hope you guys are relaxing with your loved ones and having a really good weekend. Here is Sunday Q&A….

I ordered the SOMETHING NAVY BOOTS the second they hit stores. I’m obsessed with these perfect slouchy booties. These are the CHOCOLATE SUEDE (look more greyish to me). I saw the black in person and they look really nice and well made. You need these! I also wore them with jeans for date night and had a handful of people ask about them. Also notice that they are a slouchy boot. (online they look straight) TOPSHOP KNOT DRESS in burnt orange

1.What do you use to WASH YOUR FACE? 

I always use the double cleansing method. I learned this 15 years ago in esthetician school and follow this rule every single day. First I use this OIL CLEANSER as my first cleanse. Rub it all over. I use it over my brows & eyes (if I’m wearing eyeshadow) to make sure I get all make-up off. Then I rinse it off with water and a wash cloth. Second cleanse really cleanses your skin once the make-up is off. I use this BALM CLEANSER as my second cleanse. This combo of cleansers is my absolute favorite combo. I’m hooked! A couple nights a week I use the PAPAYA ENZYME PEEL for exfoliation.

2.I need a new WALLET and saw you got the GUCCI. Is it worth it? I can’t decide on that one or the YSL wallet.

I really do love my new WALLET. I used a HOBO WALLET for a really long time and this one I found at TARGET. All of them are great. I had an extra gift card to SAKS for a project I worked on and needed a new wallet so decided to give a designer wallet a shot. I’ve never had the YSL Wallet but my girlfriend has it. She seems to love it. I mean, what’s not to love.


I did a big ACCESSORY POST HERE if you want to see more!

3.Have you tried the HONEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS you said are all clean ingredients? I’m interested in hearing more about it. 

I’m trying them right now! I use some of her other products for my daughter that has eczema like the soothing BALM & BUBBLE BATH. Her skin responds so well to these. So now, I’m so excited about the HONEST make-up. SO far I’ve used the MAKE-UP WIPES & the EYESHADOW PALETTE. I have to say I love them and it’s such a peace of mind knowing all the ingredients are safe.

4.Is it hard to figure out the SWEAT APP and how it works well with #FWTFL? I want to know how you mange it. 

I did one round of #FWTFL (faster way to fat loss) and followed the workouts and the eating. After six weeks I needed a workout change. You can still follow the eating and some of the workout guidelines. I never do the amount of cardio that I used to. I’m going to write an entire blog post about this when I finish my rounds of it next April! I might even start coaching so stay tuned…

5. I want a really NICE looking handbag but I don’t want to spend the money on a designer? Any you recommend? And ps – I don’t want Kate Spade. 

Scroll through these. I love them all and some even look designer’ish.

6.Weekends are so hard for me. I eat so much junk food and I feel like I mess everything up. How do you keep track of the food you eat over the weekend?

I get one cheat meal and one treat over the time frame of Friday night to Sunday night. I don’t cheat all day long. It just doesn’t work for me. So I space out my extra calories and it seems to work great! But I will be honest, it takes major self discipline when you watch your family devour homemade brownies and you can’t have any. I try and remember what my goals are and find something that will satisfy me in the moment. (lollipop,crystal light drink, diet coke with lemons) anything to kill my craving. Sometimes I go for a walk to shake it off and then I’m fine. Always remember why you set goals in the first place.

7.What BLACK LEATHER JEANS are you wearing in THE BOOTS POST? The ones with the zipper on the side?

They are from Anthro. They are actually VEGAN LEATHER LEGGINGS with side zippers. SO cute!

8.Can you share your DAILY MAKE-UP ROUTINE? Just the basics you do to get yourself ready in the am?

yes! I always put this CC CREAM with spf on.

Then I do my BROWS. Lets talk BROWS! I finally found my jam when it comes to really good brows. It’s taken some work but I have it down. Grow out your eyebrows for 4 weeks. Then go to the Benefit brow bar and have them threaded not waxed. This creates natural thick brows. Discuss a game plan with your brow person. Where do you need more hair growth or shape? Come up with a plan. This is the BROW PENCIL that changed my brow game. It’s not like others because this lets you create smaller feathering strokes over your brows. I use this every morning and then apply the GIMME BROW VOLUMIZING GEL on top. Once you have your plan use GIMME BROW VOLUMIZING GEL to keep your brows looking thick and in place. (Pro Tip – always brush brows up!) HIGH BROW is needed for the perfect brows. Use this under your brow line to brighten and raise the appearance of your brows. Works like a charm. Sometimes I use this in the corner of my eyes.

This BRONZER (also called baked frosting) adds just the right amount of color to my face. Then I add this LIPGLOSS OIL and run out the door. (love honey & the cherry one) Easy Routine!!

 9.What current PODCASTS do you listen to right now? 

I like to feel like I’m having a conversation with a close friend when I’m listening to a podcast. Or I need it to be as good as my favorite book or else I’d rather turn on my music. These keep me entertained and my mind thinking.

In The Limelight – They talk top trending headlines each week from Meghan Markle to TMZ celeb sightings. Funny tidbits and actually super funny.

The GOOP Podcast – I love all the interesting peeps they have come on the show.

The Good Life by Sazan (one of my fav bloggers to follow) – I love her family and they just started this happy and well though out podcast.

My Favorite Murder (if you are into Crime Stories) I’m always so entertained by this. I can walk on the treadmill for hours listening to this!

Oprahs Supersoul Conversations – She shines so much light on female ambition/power and spiritual light.

Ted – Worklife with Adam Grant – Learning to live your best life while working. You spend the most time in your career.

The Skinny Confidential – I blush a lot while listening to this and only listen when my kids are not around. But super entertaining topics and people they interview.

Mind Body Green Podcast – all about health,diet and self love.

10. I know you visit the city a lot. I’m headed there next week.What are your top favorite restaurants to eat at in NYC lately?

The Smile, TAO, The Smith, Dos Caminos, Fat Radish, Catch

11.I have a wedding coming up and need dress options! (this question was asked last week too so added a few new options)

pretty MIDI DRESS in emerald green

obsessed with this DRESS and perfect for wedding season and beyond.

this DRESS is a current fav. don’t miss checking this LONG SLEEVE beauty.

SALONI DRESSES are my fav. Worth checking out all the prints and styles for this new season.



TIE FRONT DRESS (in midnight navy or sparkle)


12.How do the SPANX LEGGINGS fit? Do you really work out in them? I’m considering buying a few pairs because I love how they look on you. You seem to wear them a bunch.

I did a big POST HERE all about spanx leggings. They are also in maternity and plus size.

They are amazing. I love the fit. They run true to size. I don’t do cardio in them but they are great for lifting or walking.


Have a great day!



the SPANX you need!

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