Nov 9, 2015

Skin Medica

It’s true, I grew up pouring bottles of baby oil all over my face and body during the Arizona summers to get as tan as I could. The worst mistake as a teenager I made!! This makes me sick inside to think that I used to do that. Since then I’ve become much wiser and I’m committed to taking care of my skin. I am now a licensed esthetician and skin is something I’m extremely passionate about. I love researching new products and teaching others how to take care of their own skin. We are so lucky to live right now when modern medicine and health products are the best they have ever been. To help prevent skin damage and maintain healthy-looking skin you MUST have sun protection in your daily skin care regimen. SkinMedica’s latest Superscreen landed in my hands at the perfect time. TOTAL DEFENSE +REPAIR is the first and only rejuvenating Superscreen that prevents the appearance of premature aging from chronic exposure to infrared rays (IR), provides comprehensive protection beyond UVA and UVB rays while supporting the skins ability to restore itself for total skin health. I have really fair skin and I’m constantly worried about protecting it. This Superscreen not only protects your skin from harmful rays, but also it can help repair past damage you may already have. No matter the season, you need to be using a product with SPF on a daily basis and re-apply at least twice during the day. Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

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Because knowledge is power, I think everyone should know the three types of harmful rays that can destroy your skin. Ultraviolet, Visible Light & Infrared Rays. Infrared rays make up 45% of the solar spectrum. Infrared rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVA & UVB. It can cause cancer and accelerate the signs of aging. I love SkinMedica’s TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR because it protects against all of these! TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR means exactly that. It’s a Superscreen that protects your skin from all the harmful elements during the day while decreasing signs of aging. This is called a SUPERscreen because it protects against UVA,UVB and INFRARED. UV protection just isn’t enough! Check out the active ingredients in the SkinMedica Superscreen below. This is exactly what I look for when I buy sun care products. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS • Octinoxate 7.5%• Octisalate 3.0%• Zinc Oxide 8.0%

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I carry my sunscreen with me at all times and re-apply during the day. Lucky for us SkinMedica also makes a tinted Superscreen.

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3 stone RING 

 TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR comes in SPF 34 and also SPF 50+ which is water resistant

I’m so excited to get one lucky reader started with SkinMedica’s Superscreen. To enter, please click HERE . Please leave a comment and tell us about a time you wished you had TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR sunscreen on your side. Eligible participants will receive one (1) entry into the Sweepstakes for posting a valid comment. Limit of one (1) entry per person, per Instagram account, throughout the Promotion Period.  One (1) Promotion Prize will be awarded during the Promotion consisting of One (1) Total Defense + Repair.

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SkinMedica Instagram: HOW TO ENTER THE PROMOTION: go  HERE (the “Web Site”) during the Promotion Period. SkinMedica will post an official sweepstakes image. Participants will be prompted to ‘tag’ three (3) of their friends in a comment on the posted image. Eligible participants will receive one (1) entry into the Sweepstakes for tagging at least three (3) friends in a comment on the posted image. Limit of one (1) entry per person, per Instagram account, throughout the Promotion Period. Good Luck!

Sweepstakes Official Rules

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  1. I live with an Autoimmune Disease Dermatomyositis where the sun is my enemy as well as with florescent lighting my skin becomes red and inflamed. Currently I apply Sunscreen up to 5 times daily. This product is a daily one for everyone to never go without. Thank you for sharing the importance of sunscreen with your reader’s!

  2. Not sure this is where I enter but I’m covering my bases. I wish I had it this winter when I go snowboarding in Colorado! High altitude is a killer for my skin. PICK ME!

  3. I would love this anytime these days honestly! As I get into my late twenties I am starting to see the damage on my skin and early wrinkles! So I have promised myself I would get a really good skin care regime going, and this would be a wonderful start!

  4. Any info on your metallic wallet..its peeking out of your bag in one of the pics!!!

  5. I wish I had it by my side a few months ago when I took my kids to the zoo and got fried! I love that it helps with wrinkles and UV rays.

    • This would be great for playing tennis….which I do several times a week!!

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