Aug 26, 2019

Real Talk & What your eating habits teach your kids.

outfit: SKIRT | GREEN TOP | CHAIN NECKLACE (comes with 2!) I have just one chain on in this photo FENDI SNEAKERS | CHANEL BROOCH | HOOPS 

Real Talk-

1.After spending the summer with my kids I realized that not eating until 12 NOON every single day probably wasn’t such a good idea. I usually follow an intermittent fasting lifestyle. I wake up and fast until 12 or sometimes 1:00pm every day. During the school year my kids didn’t notice because they were at school. The past 2 months of summer really opened up my eyes. My kids definitely noticed that I didn’t eat breakfast and had to wait a looooong time (in their eyes) to eat.

My girls would say things like, “Oh mom doesn’t eat breakfast,” or “Mom has to wait a long time to eat because she wants to be healthy.” Yup….cringe worthy!! I don’t want my kids to think in order to be healthy, you have to skip breakfast. I also want to be able to sit down at the breakfast table and eat food with my kids. I believe in intermittent fasting but I’m going to only do it a few times a month. Have any of you felt this way? I’m so intrigued by it all. I know it is a popular way of life but I don’t think I can do it anymore while I have little girls watching me. Just a few thoughts on it in case you are in the same boat.

2.School starts tomorrow!!! I am honestly counting my lucky stars and thanking God for helping us find this house in this school zone. Our neighborhood is packed with kids (something we have never experienced). The new family picnic and school orientation was just what my kids needed. They found a few friends that are also new to share their excitement and nerves with. My mommy heart finally feels calm and at peace with our decision to move. I held back a lot of tears today when we were at the school. It felt like my first day too.

I had some of you reach out wanting to know the locker stuff we bought for the girls lockers. I linked all the LOCKER ACCESSORIES here.

3.What’s your proudest mommy moment? I was recently asked this and I’d love to know yours. I’d say having 3 c sections. Whenever I look down and see that scar, I feel so proud. I got my babies here safe and sound. It wasn’t easy but I did it. I just met a new mom that moved here last week. She moved here one day after having her baby at NYU. She was at the new family picnic, the school orientation and was totally rocking it. Moms are seriously super hero’s. Makes me so proud to be a woman.

4. Okay…why am I such a Taylor Swiftie fan? Every single song is better than the next. We can’t wait for her new tour. This will be the third concert I’ve gone to with my girls.

5.You know you have an ice cream addiction when you have to tell the kids the ice cream was left out all night. Bachelor in Paradise was so good and I just kept eating my ice cream, lol.

6.I’m getting more blood work done tomorrow. I still have the worst itchy skin and my ezcema is so bad. I actually never had it until I moved into this new house. My doctor thinks its dermatitis from my gluten allergy but maybe it’s something else. All I know is that I am actively switching over to safe and clean products for everything. I check all products on the think dirty app. I also love BEAUTY COUNTER PRODUCTS. Its a safe skincare line with retinatural complex. I’m hooked on the eye cream and cleansing oil. Also the resurfacing peel is hands down my favorite. I use it 2-3x a week. It tingles for 30 seconds. It’s so good for melasma and acne prone skin. You feel it working!!

SKIRT | GREEN TOP | CHAIN NECKLACE (comes with 2!) I have just one chain on in this photo | CHANEL BROOCH | HOOPS 

outfit: SKIRT | GREEN TOP | CHAIN NECKLACE (comes with 2!) I have just one chain on in this photo FENDI SNEAKERS | CHANEL BROOCH | HOOPS 



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  1. I never comment on blogs, but this post struck a chord with me. As a mom of a 15 month old, I think about these things a lot. What is healthy, what isn’t. What she will perceive when she sees my habits. I love your honesty here, and I love that you even shared it. Thank you for shining on a light on that!