Jul 18, 2019

MATCHED – every designer item has a budget friendly match

MATCHED – every designer item has a budget friendly match

Chloe Booties are a staple in my closet. The match is under $65. Usually over $500.

1.My Chloe sunnies were a big hit this week. I had a bunch of messages about where I bought them and also if I had a budget friendly match.

2.GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKS are a fav but come with a steep price tag. I totally get it. It’s high! I found these GG dupes here and here.

3.SO many designers are doing expensive versions of  THIS DRESS.

4.Hermes sandals are on my favorite list. I found a budget friendly that I’ve never seen HERE

5.Valentino is a favorite of mine. I have the wedges and sandals. I found these JELLY THONGS and WEDGES for those looking.

6.Can you guess the designer behind THIS RING?

7.Obsessed with this version of the GUCCI BELT.

Budget Friendly

Higher price points

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