Oct 15, 2018


How much do you weigh? A question I get asked a lot. By you guys and by myself. Most of us know within a pound or two. In fact I’ve been known to weigh myself at the most optimal time of day to be at my lightest… post-workout, pre-lunch and with no clothes on… after I’ve peed, before I’ve drank my water for the day! Oh, the mind games we play. LOL! Can the number that pops up on that scale, really determine how you feel about yourself for the next 24 hours? Sadly it can and there is so much research that says to THROW OUT THAT SCALE and stop! I definitely don’t ever want my little girls to think a scale is important.

What if I told you I’m ditching the scale? It’s not exactly the best method of gauging your fitness anyway. Weighing yourself on a regular bathroom scale is not an accurate assessment of  your body composition because it’s unable to show how much of your total weight is comprised of water, fat, or muscle. I know lots of people who weigh more than I’d ever guess because of their muscle mass. Muscle really does weigh more than fat! So your BODY COMPOSITION and your BODY FAT PERCENTAGE are actually way better indicators of your health than what the numbers on your scale say.

One of the best ways to determine how your body is changing is PROGRESS PICTURES. Taking photos of yourself once a week, in the exact same outfit (pro-tip: a skimpy 2-piece bikini), from identical angles will really show you changes the scale can’t. Baby ab muscles starting to show. Shoulder definition. One of my friends had been frustrated by her “lack of progress” and then after comparing photos side by side from a month apart couldn’t believe the difference!

And I’d like to challenge you to add in another element to progress pictures; a self-love piece. Every time you take these photos, or even look in the mirror, instead of picking apart the things about your body you don’t like, FORCE yourself to instead think something positive. Our brains are crazy powerful. When we dwell on the negative, we convince ourselves we aren’t worth self-love. It’s time to change that inner narrative. I’ve noticed when I’m negative or have bad thoughts control my mind, all good things stop happening. It’s a true domino effect. 

Go one step further! Start making a list. When you look in the mirror see the beauty there. “My body is healthy and strong. My body gave birth THREE times! These legs allow me to hike on beautiful paths and see the changing leaves.” Stuff like that. Over time, this will become easier and when you read over your lists you’ll be amazed at how awesome you are.

I’m full of ideas for promoting self-love. I’d love to hear what you all do as well! Drop a comment or DM me what works for you. Over the next few months I want to compile a master post with steps to help women acknowledge their strengths. I told you all recently how I finally gave up my jeans that were too small. These jeans were from a time when my body was actually really unhealthy. Before I was diagnosed Celiac, I wasn’t absorbing nutrients in food. I felt horrible all the time. So I needed to accept that this “skinnier” version of me was in fact not the healthy Jenna. I was torturing myself keeping the jeans around thinking I’d get back in them someday. Once I decided this was the old, sick Jenna who wore these jeans and let them go I felt so liberated! My point is I’m with you all, going through the same things. I want to learn self-love along with you. We all deserve it! AT the end of the day, nothing can feel better than accepting yourself for who YOU really are. To be honest, I weigh more right now than I ever have. I’ve been lifting really heavy for the past 6 weeks and gained 5 pounds. Mentally it’s been interesting to process that number on the scale but physically I feel so good.

Okay on another note I want you guys to experience some of the best JEANS out there. The fit is super slimming and flattering. I first wore a pair of these almost 3 years ago and keep ordering more. You’ll know what I mean when you put them on. I specifically like any of the high-waist jeans. I’m 5’3 so the cropped style fit me almost like a regular pair.

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  1. I absolutely love this post! Why do we play these games with ourselves? And I truly love the challenge you’ve given me. Oh how I look at before and cringe instead of looking at it and seeing all the places I’ve been and where I’m headed. A list is such a good way to do this. Thank you Jenna ❤️