Oct 19, 2018


1. I meet my match when it comes to HIKING BOOTS! I love a good heel to help my legs have more length. Plus D is 6’5 and I need all the help I can get.

2. You guys asked me so many questions about this JACKET, when I wore it on instagram stories this week. It feels like velvet and is so comfy! I loved it so much I had to get the leggings to go with it.

3. I can’t get enough of the SOMETHING NAVY brand clothes. I wore this BLUE TEDDY COAT today to the city and I’m obsessed.

4. If you want this GOLD SEQUIN SKIRT for the holidays, get it NOW!! This J Crew best seller will be out of stock in a few days.

5. I can’t live without this PHONE MOUNT in my car. It’s under $10 and one of the best purchases I’ve made.


wearing a small in both jacket and leggings


wearing a small in both jacket and leggings

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