Jan 24, 2020

Friday 5

1.Favorites – MOST SHOPPED  links this week

1. These $13 JOGGERS are insane! I love them so much and can’t believe how amazing they are. So many of you bought them and love them too.

2. This WHITE TEE is back! It was out of stock for so long and is finally online again. I have it in small.

3. Valentine’s is right around the corner. Check out this GIFT GUIDE here.

4. I’m always in sunglasses. Always! I found this cool PAIR for under $20 this week. A bunch of you bought them in gold.

5. Styling your ears is a whole moment right now. So many options. I found these GOLD HUGGIES on amazon. Love them!! 14K gold plated and under $20.

2.Adorable Sweaters with metal or Jewel buttons!

1.H&M Sweater

2.Topshop Khaki Button Sweater

3.Bash Button jeweled Sweater

4.J Crew Jeweled Buttons

5.Zara Ribbed Sweater with Buttons

3.Favorite Guidance Books

  1. Atomic Habits
  2. Dare to Lead
  3. Daily Stoic
  4. Thinking Fast
  5. Self Care for the Real World

4.Favorite Dog Essentials, with Sandy part of our family we love shopping for her!

  1. Dog Bed
  2. Adorable Dog Collar 
  3.  Dog Leash
  4. Dog Bowls 
  5. Aesop Dog Shampoo

5.Amazon Picks #founditonamazon

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