May 23, 2016

FLORALS in the City

Happy MONDAY! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I flew in late last night from a birthday trip I planned for my husband. We went to Florida for a quick weekend get away. More to come on the trip later today.

Last week I spent a day in New York City. Now that it’s starting to warm up I’m excited to be in the city once a week. That evening I attended an event with the most amazing team from Supergoop. Have you heard of Supergoop? If you haven’t, get ready to see it everywhere this summer. It’s one of the leading sunscreen lines on the market right now. I’m super excited to share more about this line. When I went to Florida this past weekend I fell in love with this sunscreen oil (30% off) it’s a complete game changer and the CC cream which covers up imperfections and has an spf of 35. I’m hooooooked!
IMG_4187 floral DRESS, more sizes here , I’m in XS – p.s. size down| sun HAT | wrap BRACELET | gold cuff BRACELET |  SUNGLASSES | SANDALS | RINGS |NEEDLE gold bracelet IMG_4198IMG_4188

BRAHMIN BACKPACK floral DRESS, more sizes here , I’m in XS – p.s. size down| sun HAT |needle gold braceletIMG_4193 IMG_4195 IMG_4196 IMG_4197 floral DRESS, more sizes here , I’m in XS – p.s. size down| BACKPACK |  sun HAT | wrap BRACELET | gold cuff BRACELET |  SUNGLASSES | SANDALS | RINGS |

CURLS, changeable wand sizes | PINK LIPS , fashion scoop | BLUSH

Okay guys, I also want to tell you about this really fun curling iron I found last month. I’ve been air drying my hair instead of blow drying it. I have pretty curly hair and I was spending way too much time drying it with a blow dryer, then flat ironing it, and then curling it! It was getting damaged and I was dreading the time it took to get ready. So I decided to try something new. I air dry my hair and then us this for my CURLS. The changeable wand sizes help create different looks depending on what I’m going for. I can do really loose barrel curls or tighter curls like I have above. The best thing about this curling iron is that it completely takes out the frizz. It’s one tool and has THREE barrels to create curls with. I found it at Nordstrom when I was talking to some of the ladies about how amazing their hair looked. They all use this! Trust me you will LOVE this.

Have a great day.



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