Jan 17, 2019

the best finds this month on AMAZON

GUCCI DUPE – MINI  Backpack / The COAT that has gone viral on amazon- (The back story, I posted this on q&a) My girlfriend that lives by me in CT left the Upper east side last year. Anyways long story short she told me after five years of THIS COAT (the most famous coat on the Upper East side she said) she finally bought the moncler. But she said THIS ONE was still her absolute favorite and owns all five colors. I bought it on my way home because LOOOOK! It looks designer and under $100. I love the beige and black. The hood and the back sold me. She also mentioned it’s by far her warmest. So there ya go! Funny how this question came up the week I had a really good find to share.

THIS COAT in olive / GUCCI DUPE – MINI  Backpack

1.Leather Shoulder Bag Set

2.Quilted Shoulder Bag Chain Purse Mini Clutch

3.Top-Handle Shoulder Bags Satchel Purse

4.Khlöe Crossbody

5.Women’s Memento Handbag

6.Bamboo Handbag

7.Fashion Crossbody with Pearl

8.Backpack Bag Women Mini Rucksack

9.Punk Circular Ring Handbags 

10.U-Ring Flap Bag Chain Bag Crossbody

11.Padlock Leather Supreme Top Handle Bag

12.Quilted Shoulder Purses Crossbody Bag

13. Leather Crossbody Shoulder Purse Chain Link

14.Leather Crossbody Shoulder Purse Chain Link FY Bag

15.Leather Satchel Cross Body Handbags

16.Actlure Women Genuine Cowhide Leather Round Shape Top handle Shoulder Purse Crossbody Bag

Have you ever wondered what the best sellers on AMAZON are? I dove into an amazon tunnel last night searching for a few top beauty sellers so I could try some new things. While I was doing it I found a best seller category and went through my favorite things from each list. Here ya go!
a few I bought….
make up brush electric cleaner (check the video!)
blackhead extractor tool kit (dr. pimple popper anyone!)
retainer cleaner – gross but needed
lash growing serum under $40
thermal tie front top (clothing best seller, rated #1)
women facial hair remover (amaze for peach fuzz)
-and of course the  down coat everyone is talking about right now. I have it in small

my sunday q&a question from last week that caused a lot of hype 🙂 Read more on the coat HERE

(click right to see the list of amazon best sellers)

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  1. so many of my favorites!! i have been using that exact hot tools for years, love the facial hair remover since you posted xmas 2017 and the lip scrub is so good!!!