Jan 11, 2019


Have you ever wondered what the best sellers on AMAZON are? I dove into an amazon tunnel last night searching for a few top beauty sellers so I could try some new things. While I was doing it I found a best seller category and went through my favorite things from each list. Here ya go!
a few I bought….
make up brush electric cleaner (check the video!)
blackhead extractor tool kit (dr. pimple popper anyone!)
retainer cleaner – gross but needed
lash growing serum under $40
thermal tie front top (clothing best seller, rated #1)
women facial hair remover (amaze for peach fuzz)
-and of course the  down coat everyone is talking about right now. I have it in small

my sunday q&a question from last week that caused a lot of hype 🙂 Read more on the coat HERE

(click right to see the list of amazon best sellers)

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