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Happy Thursday!!   Have any weekend plans? We are doing dinner  (counting down for cheat day!) and will most likely go to reflexology at some point. The cheapest foot massage and the best. Google a place near you. I promise, it’s a life changer.

I wrote a post about keeping your eating in check while on vacation. Also this article is helpful too! Today is part TWO. Keeping up with your fitness goals this summer and on vacation. This can be tricky if you don’t plan it out, but if you do…’s super easy to make sure you get it down.

1.One of my favorite ways to really see a new place is to run or bike there. I love to explore and see the sights; I’ve often found fun places to eat or things to do while doing this. Bonus if you can get your hubby to take the kids to breakfast while you’re gone!! Then when you’re all back to the room you can head out on adventures. I always try and do some form of the CARDIO SANDWICH. Alternate days. I do cardio, strength train, cardio AND then switch to strength train, cardio, strength train. Read HERE to understand what I mean. It’s proven to be so effective and burn calories in the quickest amount of time. And this travel kit comes with everything you need. Jump Rope, bands and more. Under $40

2. If you’re like me, my husband and I BOTH often want to workout most days which can be a challenge. And if your kids are too young to leave alone you’ll have to tag team. That’s why I always bring my trusty jump rope & bands along. It takes up zero space and I can do this almost anywhere. I’ve been known to jump on balconies and in hotel hallways. I’ll put on my headphones and jump for one song and then spend the next song doing body weight resistance moves like burpees, jump squats, push ups, wall sits, crunches, planks, BAND WORK, etc. I’ll go back and forth and usually last about 10 songs. There are also gliders  which are small and you can do a million different exercises using, or bring along a book like The Body Boss Method. Put on a show for the kids and order room service while you work out. VACATION, baby!

3. Plan activities that are active WITH the kids as well. Hiking, swimming, biking; look around for options for things that you can all do together. Even just a long walk through a cute town exploring is burning calories! Probably enough so you can even stop and have some gelato… LISS is gonna be your best friend. (walking for 30-45 minutes)

4.Find good workout attire that you feel good in! I’m obsessed with these  $54!!! BLACK LEGGINGS & this  BLACK TANK  at $25! I love to tie these tanks  in a knot in front or back (go up one size for that look).

IMG_7448NIKE SNEAKERS METCON – on sale! | $54!!! BLACK LEGGINGS | BLACK TANK  $25! love to tie these in a knot in front or back (go up one size for that look)

5. Explore new classes you’ve never tried before. Maybe your hotel has a boot camp every morning. Or yoga by the pool? If you’ve never been to New York City make sure you try a SoulCycle class! Every region has some form of fitness class popular with the locals; ask around and find out what it is and try something new! SLT, CST50, Barry’s BootCamp, Orange Theory. Check them out!

6.If the only thing you can do is walk on the hotel treadmill DO IT!! This is a great TREADMILL WORKOUT!

Hopefully you found a couple of these tips helpful. And I would LOVE to hear your tips as well! Please comment and tell me your tricks for staying on track while vacationing.

Stay Healthy!


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