Jan 31, 2018

What to do on Valentine’s Day? With kids,family or date night.

I’ve combed the internet and my brain for things to do with your loved ones to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year! I love reading TimeOut NY; some of the events that go down in the city blow my mind. The most hilarious one that I never knew about is Love in Times Square. Apparently people go to the red stairs and do different public displays of affection, from marriage proposals to weddings to good old fashioned make out sessions. That’s an obvious New York City only event, but here are five things to do with your significant other on February 14th:


This is especially entertaining if you’re a person who finds V-day cheesy or annoying. Even if you’re on a budget, improv nights or amateur comedy can be hilarious. Sometimes the worse the performer, the better. There’s a “Live Tinder” show in NYC by comedian, writer, and musician Lane Moore. She takes the stage to open up her Tinder profile, swipe left, message guys that pique her (and the audience’s) interest, and even call them live. Sounds so funny!


Another off-beat thing to do if a fancy dinner isn’t your jam: look around at museums in your area to see if any do special events on the 14th. The Tenement Museum in Manhattan showcases the affairs of the heart that played out among New York’s optimistic working-class immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries on a guided tour. If money is tight find museums with suggested donations rather than flat entrance fees and make a game of the visit.


Some couples love to workout together! Big D and I have been known to use our date nights to go paddle boarding or do a SoulCycle class together, followed by dinner. So fun AND efficient! We all know how very important it is to our relationships to have regular date nights. The activity doesn’t really matter; it’s being alone together uninterrupted by kids, pets, jobs… whatever gets in the way of 1:1 time. Another active idea is ice skating and a fun apres skate dessert. Or maybe take a country dancing or salsa class?


How fun would it be to do the exact (or as close to exact as possible) thing you did on your first date? Or if you had a horrible first date maybe have a “redo?” It’s so good to go back in time to those first feelings of love and excitement. Extra points if you still own something you wore from that night and bust it out! While out maybe engage in “Twenty Questions”… or some other game to spark new conversations.


How about a 2-for-1? You can make breakfast for your valentine and surprise him/her in bed. Start the day off right! And the kids will love breakfast in bed as well. Just be sure to wake up your valentine before the kids get up, especially if breakfast involves any whipped cream. 😉



Especially for the purpose of teaching kids what Valentine’s Day is really about (LOVE!), make gifts about expressions that build intimacy and connection. Ideas such as handmade cards, extra time together, or coupons for service, not purchased gifts. Sometimes the best gift of all is a letter of appreciation! Give and encourage your kids to give gifts of the heart this year.


If you’re celebrating as a family this year, make dinner extra special with a pink and red theme. Use food coloring to color pasta, bread, or eggs. Sprinkle foods with paprika or other red spices.  Cut toast or fruit into heart shapes. Marinara sauce and ketchup are red! Use your imagination and make it special. At dinner go around the table and have each person take a turn in the “love seat”… each person says something they love about the family member in the love seat.


In college there was one year in particular I didn’t have a special valentine. I decided rather than feeling sorry for myself, I would spread joy to others. My roomie and I baked cookies and doorbell ditched them to people we assumed would also not be celebrating with a significant other. This was one of my most memorable V-days ever! Have the kids help brainstorm people in the neighborhood or church congregation who may be spending February 14th alone. Bake cookies or make valentines and then deliver them. I promise you will feel the love!


Find some printables like these and have the kids fill out one or two for each family member. Let the kids really spend time thinking about what the recipient would most enjoy. Examples like, “I will make your bed every morning for a week” or “I’ll play with my little sister for 30 minutes while you make dinner” are golden, and cost zero dollars.


If all of the above sounds like too much work or not your family’s jam, take the family to do something fun like visiting an indoor water park, a trampoline center, or go roller skating. A dinner before or after somewhere easy like Chipotle makes it a relaxing evening for the parents as well! And while you’re waiting for your food maybe call someone dear to your family and pass the phone around to take turns telling this person you love them. Then ask that person to “Pass it forward” by calling someone they love and doing the same. Spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

Comment your suggestions or traditions below! I’d love to hear what activities you have planned this year.




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  1. Love celebrating Vday with my family.❤️ We usually make sugar cookies for neighbors and have dinner and a movie at home. 🙂

    Please enter me for your loot giveaway!

  2. These ideas are all great! I’m single this year so I’m actually going to my favorite country bar to go line dancing! Then eating pizza and chocolate (necessary)! P.S. need those booties in my life!

  3. Hi hope I win your giveaway I’m so excited for it and I love this post

  4. You are too cute, love your blogs! My husband and I are celebrating our first married Valentine’s Day, we are making a fancy dinner together and then sharing gifts for our honeymoon trip next week! Super excited for a whole month of love 🙂

  5. The coupon book is such a cute idea! Love the pics in this post and love your blog! Thanks for the fun, real tips!

  6. I have no plans for Valentines Day, and even worse, I have yet to buy a gift for my husband! Any other procrastinators out there?

  7. THOSE ideas are so helpful! Love the pictures, it makes me want to go back to nyc… xxx

  8. Fun that you are having a give away contest!! I really enjoy your post and have purchased several items you have posted. I pretty much live In the grey sweater (with the big sleeves) and the white adidas (light grey). Anyway, thank you again for the great ideas. Have a wonderful week!! ‍♀️

  9. We are planning on making dinner instead of going out. Possibly breaking out the Wii and having a dance competition! Opening a bottle of wine and wearing the most comfy sweats! My boyfriend is a very hard working detective. So just a super relaxing night sounds great to us!

    Great ideas from you! Now I kinda want Chipotle!

  10. I always do breakfast for dinner!!! We eat our Valentines pancakes (heart shaped), bacon, and eggs on our China we got for our wedding 22 years ago this week! It’s the ONLY day we use the China! I color the milk pink and we drink from glass stemware. There are candles and music playing and the kids just love the fanciness of it. It’s a tradition we look forward to every year!

    I also homemake HUGE heart sugar cookies for them and decorate them with their names for the place setting. My mom did the sugar cookie hearts for us every year growing up and I’ve continued the tradition. It’s the only cookie I make and friends and acquaintances from all over the town want them. I make a ton at each holiday and share with everyone. The recipe is from my moms sorority sister! It been a favorite for over 50 years!

    That’s what we do! I loved all your ideas too!!!

    I also saw you are doing a new give away series. I’d love to be added to that “lottery”. Thanks!!!

  11. So glad I came across this post! J’ve been wondering what to do this year because since we’ve had kids, we make it a night aboutnour family instead of something Romantic between my husband and I. I love the idea of breakfast in bed.. maybe even dinner in bed? BUT then celebrating with my hubby after the kiddos go to bed! Thanks for the post!

  12. Usually my hubs will cook up something yummy for the family and then the him and I will sneak out a couple days before or a couple days after for a date night alone.

  13. I absolutely love this blog post! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to think about what to do for Valentines Day. So many great ideas to think about. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Love all of these ideas! <3 this year we are making a nice dinner at home and enjoying a great bottle of wine. Do you have any healthy yummy recipe suggestions?

  15. Dinner and a movie is always my fav!! I also think it’d be super fun to make a meal TOGETHER and just relax at home!