Oct 30, 2014

schoolboy blazers + 3 things you may not know about me

If you know me well, you know how much I love a good blazer. I’ve had this Schoolboy Blazer for year now and it’s gets so much wear!

Check below for 3 things you may not know about me..

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Schoolboy Blazer | Current Elliott Chambray | Denim | Wang Bag | French Connection Heels | Ray-Bans

Gorjana Bracelet | Gorjana Ring | Michele Watch | James Michelle Bangles

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1. I am a terrible bike rider. It’s as though my legs become paralyzed once they hit the peddles. I’ve run into a telephone pole of staples, fell off into oncoming traffic and most recently over the handle bar thinking I could ride in sand.

2. I have to start by saying I do not sweat. Like I’ve run 26.2 miles with my hair down, can lift weights and sprint in 110 degree without a drop of sweat on me. However, my under arms sweat when I’m nervous or cold. You guys, I’ve sweat through a wool sweater before because I was so nervous! In high school my dad had to write me a prescription for medical grade antiperspirant.

3. I’ve been on welfare. Very few people know this about me. My whole life I’ve been fortunate with comfortable circumstances. It wasn’t until I was 30 years old and 8 month’s pregnant that I stood in a government assistance line asking for help. I’ve never been more humbled before. We had just filed for divorce. My insurance was cut off as well as my bank account and I refused to go to my dad for money. I was prideful and ashamed at my situation knowing there was no way I could get insurance with 4 weeks left till I delivered Goldie. It typically takes weeks or month’s to be approved but as I walked up to the counter to fill out paperwork the lady behind her desk looked at me and asked how she could help. I started to cry and told her I didn’t belong there or feel right about asking for medical coverage but gave her the run down of my situation and she approved me right then and there. I don’t take being able to provide for my family or life luxuries for granted because I know they can be taken away without warning.



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  1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. That must have been an incredibly humbling experience. Glad that chapter is over for you… sending you & your family lots of good vibes!

    Partial to Pink

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