Apr 3, 2020

Positive Vibes at home with Nordstrom

I know these last couple of weeks have not been easy. I’m trying to keep up the positive vibes around here as much as possible. It’s been fun to watch myself and my friends during this isolation period. Everyone finds peace and happiness during this quarantine in different ways.

1. First of all, I know that getting dressed every single day (okay not every day but every other day) will help boost your mood instantly. I stopped getting dressed for about 5 days during this quarantine and I started to think the world was officially ending. It truly impacts your mood! Getting dressed will help you take the day more serious. It will build your motivation and positive outlook in so many ways. Start a routine for yourself at home and try to stick with it. Get up and make your bed. Then change out of your pajamas and get yourself dressed! There is so much research that indicates an increase in happiness when these two things are done daily. Try it, it feels so good! I lean on Nordstrom for all my online shopping while at home. I can find budget-friendly pieces for under $50.

EARRINGS | LEOPARD TOP (go up one size)

2. Cooking and baking have been fun for me! I’m trying new recipes and keeping my mind busy with new ideas. We hardly ever get to sit down at the table as a family during the week. We have had a lot more family time around our meals and it has been really nice.

3. Take a walk outside! Getting fresh air instantly lifts the mood.

4. Dance and work-out! The more dance parties we have, the bigger the smiles are around here. I also set a routine for myself and work-out right when I wake up. It wakes me up and reminds me of the goals I have for myself. Working out is my therapy!!

5. Faith. Lean into your faith. Pray more than you worry. Find ways to connect to your god. It gives me so much peace in my day. Share 2 things you are grateful for each day. Say it out loud. I know so many out there are suffering. When I say all the things I’m grateful for, it puts all things into perspective.

I know all of us have been peeking online for sales and budget-friendly items we can use right now. I found so many tops under $50 that you ladies will love. They will make you feel all the positive vibes and keep you motivated to get dressed.




Hang in there everyone. Sending you a giant hug. I’m praying for everyone out there and our country!!

Thanks for sponsoring this post, Nordstrom



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