Oct 21, 2017


hello from Park City!

I’m here for Cecelia New York (incredible shoe designer) and Beauty Bio Science (the GLO PRO genius). These women are incredible and I’m so impressed with how they run their companies and lift up other women. Ashley and Jamie are one of a kind. I feel like the luckiest lady to be here this weekend rubbing shoulders with all of these women. It’s been one big giant sleepover. I can sleep when I’m dead, right?

In the meantime I wanted to post some of the things I packed in case you are interested. I noticed some things are selling out.

1.I’ve been wearing the best GUCCI DUPES for the last couple days. They are 25% off. They are identical to my real gucci slides. I got mine for under $60!

2.I love this new BRICS LUGGAGE! 

3.I packed this JUMPSUIT /OVERALLS and I’m obsessed!Wearing this LAYERING LONG SLEEVED TEE under it. Selling out fast!! Here are a few similar in case you need DENIM VELVET WIDE LEG (obsessed) SLIM WIDELEG OVERALL

4. I packed this really fun RUFFLE STRIPED TEE to wear with this BLACK COAT with the faux fur collar. It’s so pretty!

5. I packed this RED JUMPSUIT. Heading to a dinner tonight 

6.These BOOTS with the fur are incredible. Also these SOCK BOOTIES with the lucite heel. AMAZE! Some of you asked about these on instagram stories.

7.These JEANS from one teaspoon are incredible!

8.I packed this FIDDLER HAT in oatmeal. looks a little more blush than oatmeal.


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