Dec 14, 2016

Naya Smart Breast Pump

Do you know what question I find so odd that strangers like to ask a pregnant woman? ” Do you breastfeed?” I feel like it’s such a personal choice and shouldn’t be judged either way you decide. I will tell you that I do not breastfeed my kids. I don’t have strong feelings either way and think it’s great for those who do, it’s just not something I’ve chosen for myself. I do however use a breast pump the first month after my babies are born and start them off on my milk while tapering off and incorporating formula. In the past I’ve just rented a breast pump machine from the hospital. This time around I’ve been introduced to the Naya Smart Breast Pump. It’s the first ever to use water instead of air making the pumping experience more comfortable, efficient and best of all quiet! Anyone who has pumped before has that sound embedded into their brain, haha! Finally I can pump without everyone within a mile radius hearing me! Another awesome feature on this pump is the app you download once you receive your device.  It is the first “smart pump” which monitors your pumping sessions, and provides personalized advice through the Naya Health Tracker App. How cool is that? I’m so excited to meet this little girl of mine. Yesterday during an ultrasound visit she looked right at me, like straight on! It’s the first baby of mine to do that. I cried, it was the cutest. This Naya Smart Breast Pump is so innovative and something all new moms, or veteran moms should know about!

Naya created this tongue and cheek video you or your spouse might enjoy;) You can read more about this innovative new device HERE!

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