Apr 16, 2014

ideas to organize your pantry



I love my SIL Maury for many reasons(see HERE and HERE)  and one of them is her ability to organize. Recently she moved into her new beautiful home and I have to say her pantry is really great! I love that even though it’s such a small space, it has charm and character. While I was over, she had a total of 16 kids walk through her front door and straight to her pantry for a snack. Easy to navigate and filled with a wide variety of foods this pantry offers simple, yet helpful ways to make the space more useful.



pantry 2


pantry 3

pantry 4

  • First make sure you have plenty of baskets and bins. These white plastic bins from Ikea are so easy to wipe down and the perfect pantry size.
  • Labels! I love Maury’s chalk stickers. I also love that because of her labels you know exactly what’s in the bins at the very top of her pantry.
  • Another fun find in Maury’s pantry is the basket filled with movie candy. She’ll stock up at Target/Wal-Mart, store them in the basket (it’s out of kids reach). Instead of dreading a gas station stop or spending $5 per box at the theater she has them on hand. So smart!
  • We are a family that believes in being prepared and keeping an emergency supply kit. Maury has made sure to stock a 6 month supply of essentials like Crystal Light Energy.:)
  • Most of all I appreciate that everything has it’s place.

These are just a few simple ideas that anyone can implement into their own pantry.

What’s your favorite way to organize?

pantry collage

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  1. I’m sorry, did you say “even though it’s such a SMALL space?!” That pantry would be a dream come true! It is so beautiful and functional. The best kind of decorating. And more pics of her house, please.

  2. i love her pantry organizing skills! and that wall paper is just the cutest 🙂
    xo jac

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