Jul 13, 2016

Beauty Tips while Traveling & ShirtDresses

This was my favorite dress to wear during the trip. It’s effortless and I love the colors. You can make it really casual by wearing my favorite flat sandals (have you heard of TKEES!?) or dress it up with a pair of wedges.
FullSizeRender 46

DRESS | LACE UP WEDGES FullSizeRender 47 IMG_3261

Half way through the day I put on my TKEES sandals. These are meant for walking long distances in. I LOVE them! So comfortable.



Beauty  tips while traveling

1.Don’t bring your expensive items. Things explode, get lost, or even stolen. I don’t bring anything I can’t say goodbye to without crying.

2.Use eye make up remover pads. My eyes get swollen and puffy especially changing time zones. Take care of your eyes. These even help make your lashes grow. It’s a Drugstore find that I’m super proud of!! After you take your make up safely use a trusted eye cream.I swear by this eye cream. Use this cream every single morning and night to keep your eyes refreshed and hydrated.

3.Foundation in a compact is ideal. I don’t mess around with liquid foundations while traveling. This is my all time favorite. After discovering it while working with CoverGirl I haven’t used anything else. I use this primer before my foundation. It minimizes pores and smoothes out the skin. It’s a drugstore favorite.

4. Drink endless amounts of water! This will keep your skin glowing and flushing out all the toxins in the new environments.

5. Take a blush/bronzer palette. I searched high and low for the perfect drugstore find. All the you tubers suggested THIS and I LOVED it! Wear minimal make up if you can get away with it while traveling. If you keep your sunscreen on with a little blush/bronzer you will glow all day!

6. Bring make up remover wipes! Keep these in your backpack or purse. You never know when you will need them. We stayed out for 10 hours at a time. It felt so good to wipe my face off half way through the day.

7. Bring fun lipstick colors to play around with. These are cheap and have amazing pigment.

8. Dry Shampoo is my best friend while traveling. Keep your hair fresh and oil free without washing it every single day. This SUAVE dry shampoo is always sold out in the store. I found it here. Order in bulk. It’s the best! I repeat my #1. Don’t bring your expensive stuff. It’s just not worth it when traveling.

9. I mentioned in my packing post that I swear by these tanning towelettes. You can see from the picture below I used them on my legs but forgot my face. haha. They work so well!





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